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Top 5 Offline Quiz Apps for Android to Play Quizzes for Free

Here are top 5 offline quiz apps for Android to play quizzes for free. Using these apps, you can learn, enjoy, and play quizzes.



We all love playing quiz games, either the quiz can be of a conventional form which included simple questions or that can be of today’s modern world. New quiz games feature questions through videos, pictures, audios etc. Unlike earlier times, they aren’t just supposed to be based on education, they can be related to entertainment too. So, today I will share with you 5 free offline quiz apps for Android through which you can learn, enjoy, and play quizzes.

Quiz games used to be really boring as they just used to have normal questions. But as the time changed, quiz games also started to change and got more attractive and entertaining. Now, everyone can play quiz games based on their area of interest. Here is a list of 5 quiz apps which are a lot different from each other. But serves basic purpose, i.e. check your intelligence.

Logo Game:

This is a fun and new type of quiz app. Here you are supposed to guess the correct answer by looking at a logo. The logo can either be any food chain, car brands, clothing brand, etc, or any company. So are supposed to answer the correct question just by looking at the logo. For your help all the letters are not provided there, only the letters which are related to the logo or some just to confuse you. This is a really fun app as it tests your presence of mind. Which means, how alert you are while going somewhere and looking at the logo. The categories for logo questions can be selected by you.
Categories for logo questions: General Logos, Newly Released, Bonus Logos, Trending, and Expert Logos.

What Am I?:

This is a type of old conventional forms of the quiz. In this app, you are supposed to guess the correct answer by characteristics of any non-living or living thing. Here a ‘Hint’ options are also given so that you can get an idea of what the answer can be. Also, you get a keyboard through which you can write the answer. This is also a very fun app and you will be addicted to it as you use it more and more.

Here you won’t find any category, all the questions are of random topics.

Just 2 Pics:

This might be one of the most interesting forms of the quiz for both kids and adults. Here, you will see 2 photos of different things. By combining the names of the objects in those pictures you have to create another word. This is one of the apps from which you will never get bored. Most of the pictures provided in the questions asked by it, might not be directly related to the answer. So, here you have to use your mind and guess the correct answer.


This is one of the most famous offline quiz apps on play store currently. Here, you have to save the person from hanging himself. The more wrong answer you give, the more it comes closer to hang himself, so you need to be careful as his life is in your hands.

This might be the most difficult quiz games ever. Here, only blank spaces along with some alphabets are provided. No question, no hint, only the blank spaces. You have to choose the category of the questions you want and all the questions will be related to that only. You have to enter any letter if it is right, it will fit in the box in its place. But if the letter is wrong, the man will come closer to getting hanged. You can also choose the difficulty level.

Categories which it provides are: Dictionary, Hollywood, Sport, Countries, Food, Travel, Kitchen, Clothes, Education, Animals.

Tricky Test 2:

This is the quiz which more than your knowledge, tests your wit. As the name says ‘tricky’, all the questions that will appear are not based on your general knowledge or anything related to education. This kind of questions it has are very tricky and you have to think out of the box to solve them. Sometimes the questions either can be really tricky and stunning and sometimes can be really silly.

It provides 2 options: 

Play: Through this, you can start playing the game.

Test My Friends: By this option, you can check your friend’s wit. Here, your friends have to solve all the question which were solved by you earlier. Through this, you can compare the time he took to solve the question.


Earlier quiz used to be only a form of learning, but now because of these apps, a quiz is a form of both learning and enjoyment. The different and entertaining style of questions these apps presents can make everyone from kids to old people addicted to them. So, either one or another, every Android user should have one of these apps.

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