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What is Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10 and How to use it

See what is Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10 and How to use it. This simple guide will be enough to make you understand that



Microsoft has been bringing new features to Windows 10 from the start. There are tons of features available in it and a lot of them are yet to come. In the recent update of Windows 10 (Falls Creator Update, v1709), it has introduced a new feature, called “Controlled Folder Access“. This feature is mainly for the security of your essential files and folders that store your sensitive information or important data. When you enable this feature, Window will keep watching the folders that you specify under “Controlled Folder Access”. If it detects an unauthorized access to those folders, then it will notify you. You can add many folders in the list and it will keep watching them for you.

These days Ransomware attacks are very common. Who knows when your PC becomes a victim of Ransomware and you may lose your very important data. It is easy to identify a ransomware, but sometimes it can’t happen. And now thanks to Microsoft that it has added feature to fight with Ransomware with Window Defender. With the “Controlled Folder Access” feature of Windows Defender, you will never lose your data as it won’t allow any non-trustworthy program to access the folders you have protected. This is a great tool that Microsoft has introduced.

How to use Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10?

Controlled Folder Access feature remains inactive by default. First you have to enable it and then you can use it. So, open Windows Defender and then go to ‘Virus & threat protection’ section. Next, click on “Virus & threat protection settings”.

Now, from the so opened window, find the Controlled folder access and then enable it. It will ask your permission, so allow it and then you are ready to protect your important folders with it.

enable controlled access folder

Now, start adding the folders to the list. Click on ‘Protected folders’ label and you will notice that some folders are already there like Picture, Documents, Music, Desktop etc., in the list. Windows protects these folders by default. But, you can also add your own folders in the list. Use the plus icon to add any folder in the list and Windows will protect it for you.

add folders to list in Controlled folder access

You saw? that Controlled Folder Access is such a nice feature that we should enable by now to protect important data. However, I would like to remind you that it is a feature of Windows Defender. So, if you are using other antivirus software on your PC, then you will have to un-install that first to enable Windows Defender. And then you can use it to protect your folders.

The Bottom Line

The Controlled Access Folder is essential part of Windows 10 now. And we should enable it by now to add a security layer over our private folders. I am sure that it will minimize the possibility of Ransomware attacks on your data. So, if you haven’t enabled it, then do it now. You must have understood how to do that.

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