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Sell Used Cars Online with These 5 Websites

In this post, we will see 5 websites to sell used cars online. These websites double up to serve as efficient platforms to sell or buy cars.



In this post, we will see 5 websites to sell used cars online. These websites double up to serve as efficient platforms to sell or buy cars and also receive information about different cars.

Selling cars online is one of the many possibilities that have developed in recent times due to the increasing dominance of the internet. An offline task otherwise, people can now meet prospective buyers and sellers online, exchange information about the car, and finally, if each party is satisfied, meet in person & complete the transaction. Thus, the process has become much more smoother, time-saving & the parties are completely aware of the details. Since there are lots of buyers always available, selling cars online becomes easier & a quick procedure.


The first platform where you can sell used cars online is ZIGWHEELS. A very popular platform to gather car related information, ZIGWHEELS promises its sellers with quick responses from people who are actually interested in buying your product. It claims that over 15 lakh people search through the website in a month and a lot of them are genuine prospective buyers. You are notified through SMS or email notifications about the prospective buyers and all this communication is provided for free.

Listing your car on the website is also quite easy. You have to mention details like location, model name, variant, maker name, Kilometers drove & upload up to 10 photos of your car from different angles; drag and drop feature is also available. Finally, you have to enter your personal details so that the buyers can contact you directly. Hit create listing and your car is up for sale. Try it out from above.


Next up, to sell used cars online is AutoTrader. This is another efficient & good-looking website where you can list your car to sell, view cars listed by other, and read expert articles about various cars in the market. The website lists your car as ads that buyers visiting the website can view and get in touch with you. You have to enter all the details about yourself & the car as they are all shown in the ad.

In order to publish your ad on the website, you have to choose from two different options: sell car yourself or sell car with expert help. In the latter case, all the work regarding the sale of the car is done by experts. This option is good for people who are short on time & are inexperienced. However, the main difference between the two options is the price of various ad packages. Based on the longevity & visibility of the ad, there are various packages listed by the website. You can select the package which you find the best, and pay the website accordingly.


The third website to sell used cars online is CarSoup. The website promises to help its users with all the available tools & constant monitoring of their ads. It all begins with selecting an ad package for yourself. There are different packages to select from & this money goes to the website as its commission. Once you select a package, an ad is created including all your car details.

To determine the true price of your car, the website has its own price calculator that you can use to calculate the correct price of your car; factors like manufacturing year, model number are all taken into consideration to determine the market price. Finally, you can sell the car to a private user or dealer in the website network and get paid in cash. Try it out from the link given above.

The next website to sell used cars online is This website is not only for car ads, but you will find various ads for different products/services/jobs by private owners, dealers, & employers. In order to post these ads on the website, that visitors can view, you first have to sign up for a free account. Once you have an account of your own, start with selecting the region you wish to cover; searchers belonging to these regions can get in touch with you. After that, you have to select the category for your ad & fill the form.

You have to add your personal details, car specifications like the model, make, KM drove & hit continue. After you have filled the step, there are two more steps to go through before you can publish your ad; add images of your car and specify a location on the map for convenience. Hit publish after this and you are set to sell your car. All the ads posted can be seen in your account & edited anytime. Try it out from above.

The fifth and final website to sell used cars online is This website provides you with a comprehensive guide to sell cars online. You can not only create ads on the website to sell your car, but also read articles on car selling tips, use the value calculator to determine the true value of your car, and other services.

sell used cars online

There are two different options to sell cars also. You can either choose to sell the car directly to the dealer, take cash and leave; or you can choose to post car ads on the website and deal with the buyers. The choice is yours. Check it from the link given above.


So, go ahead try out all these websites and see if you can find some buyers for your old cars occupying the precious space in your garage. These websites are best to sell used cars online.

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