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PC Diagnostic Tool to Diagnose Hardware, Software, Disks, CPU

All In One System Rescue Toolkit (or AIO-SRT) is a free PC diagnostic tool for Windows which includes various applications to diagnose and repair a PC.



All In One System Rescue Toolkit (or AIO-SRT) is a free PC diagnostic tool for Windows which includes various applications to diagnose and repair a PC. This toolkit was made especially for computer service technicians. This toolkit comes to your aid when you work in an internet-less environment or a really basic, vulnerable system. The creator of this bundled application describes it perfect for fast-paced technician work. This will reduce the cost of buying diagnosis CDs and the space in your bag to store them.

It comes as an ISO file which you can store on your laptop or burn it into a utility CD. This application is slightly bigger than 680 MB, which is quite lean as the tools might take up almost a GB of space when lined independently. It includes third party applications and also launches native Windows diagnostic tools.

So, without further ado, let’s explore All In One System Rescue Toolkit.

How to Use All in One System Rescue Toolkit?

AIO-SRT sets your desktop wallpaper with an informative one that shows the user network, disk and memory settings.

pc diagnostic tool

All In One System Rescue Toolkit has 7 different tabs that diagnose different aspects of a computer. The last tab can be used to automate tasks in succession. I will be covering some of the important features of some important tabs in AIO-SRT.


The General tab includes tools to monitor the computer, like the Windows Resource Monitor and Task Manager. The most interesting tool here is FreeCommander, a really robust and attractive file manager and browser. Whenever you launch an application on AIO-SRT, a command line window will extract a portable version of the application for you to use.


Hardware includes a series of tests to benchmark all the hardware components of your system. Some of them are:

  • CPU Stress Test
  • Disk Management
  • Device Manager
  • LCD Dead Pixel Test
  • Hard Drive Usage


This tab includes tools to repair and test network connections. This is a really important part of this application since, in most faulty computers, a working internet connection brings in more support. You can directly reset TCP/IP Winsock. It also includes a traceroute program to view the whole connection route between a remote server and your system. My most favorite tool here is Whois. Whois fetches registration information of a website.

Similarly, Security tab gives you malware removal tools while AV Removal tab provides you applications to remove a selection of anti-viruses. Different types of tasks can be automated in the autoFIX Utility tab. It includes presets for malware removal, OS Repair, Diagnostics, etc. The Blue marked tasks are necessary to run when you launch autoFIX.


No doubt, All in One System Rescue Toolkit is the best tool for anyone to make their malfunctioning computer healthy and running. Although the developer of this tool advises only skilled technicians to use it; I believe a knowledgeable user who knows what he/she is doing can use it without problems. I award this awesome toolkit 5 stars.

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