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Software Inventory Tool to Audit Software Installed on PC

Here is a free software inventory tool for Windows. You can audit your Windows PC for installed software and see details about them. It scans divers too.



Sometimes we end up having a lot of installed software on our PC. And it becomes quite difficult to decide what software we should uninstall. If you are one of those who wants to keep track of all the software on your PC, then you can simply audit software available on your Windows PC. And so today I will tell you about free software inventory tool which will let you audit your PC for installed software. The tool I am going to talk about is known as Belarc Advisor and it is a very powerful software to audit PC for installed software. Interview make a complete report of all the software inventory along with certain essential details about them.

Belarc Advisor makes it pretty easy to keep track of the software inventory. The report that is generated after analyzing your PC shows various information regarding installed software, drivers, devices, built-in software, license keys of Windows and Office Suite, and some other details. Belarc Advisor generates an HTML report that you can analyze or save on your PC for later use.

How to use Software Inventory Tool to Audit Software?

Belarc Advisor software doesn’t really come with an interface. After you run the software, it analyzes your PC and takes some time to generate a detailed report about the software inventory. It completely audits your PC for available software and also tells you if there are some missing Windows updates.

Belarc Advisor is a very easy to use software for Windows. It is just around 3 MB in size and does its work pretty efficiently. You can download Belarc Advisor’s setup file from its home page. After that, you can run it. A progress bar will appear which denotes the auditing progress.

Belarc Advisor analysis

After the auditing analysis completes, it will open the report in the default browser. In the report, you will see details about various components of your PC at different sections of the report. You can move down to the software versions and usage section to see details about the software currently available on your PC. You can hover over “i” icon to see the details about the software in a pop-up. In the software inventory report, you can see publisher name, date modified, and the username for which the software was installed.

Belarc Advisor software auditing pc

This is how you can use a software inventory tool to audit PC for installed software. And Belarc Advisor is the tool you need to do that efficiently and in a few minutes.


Belarc Advisor is very powerful software inventory tool for Windows. It will let you audit PC to generate a full report about all the software available on your PC. So if you want to know more about the software part on your PC including personal and system software, then get up and download Belarc Advisor now.


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