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Word Processor Software with Char Map and Spell Checker

SSuite Notepad Editor is a free word processor software to create and save documents. It also comes with special features like char map, spell check, etc.



SSuite Notebook is a portable and free word processor software, allowing you to create and save documents in various formats. With a very simple, colorful interface and no menu bar, it becomes quite interesting for you to view and work. It saves your documents in RTF by default. Besides having all the necessary features like changing fonts, resizing text etc., you can also insert special characters and check spelling mistakes in your documents. You may know other free word processors like JudoomNifty Author offering text editing but with free SSuite Notepad Editor, you can have fun working with it.

With a small downloadable size of 4.5 MB, it runs on all Windows platform. You only need to download the ZIP archive and extract the program files to your desired location. You can create a desktop shortcut for launching the editor. Just run it once and start working.

Interface of this Free Word Processor:

word processor software

On the upper part, you will see the buttons for opening new or existing documents, saving, cutting, copying, pasting and viewing documents in different styles.

On the middle, are buttons for changing font and paragraph attributes, checking spelling and closing current document.

In the lower part, you can see the position of the cursor, zoom factor, the number of words and characters, and the name of the font used.

Between the thumbnail and main pane, there is a small pane featuring a slider for adjusting zoom level and buttons for changing paper type, viewing short-cut keys, document statistics and adjusting font size.

At the right side of the interface, there are buttons for you to switch windows, insert special characters, character art, custom text, emoticons, font options, RTF code editor, and scroll pages between first, previous, next and last.

Special Features of SSuite Notepad Editor

Unlimited document history:

This free word processor has almost unlimited document history. You can always look at previously created documents and open them if you want.

Insert Special Characters:

You can insert special characters through its character map. Much similar to character map of windows, it is inbuilt within this free word processor. You can add as many special characters as you like in a single line, whereas in Windows character map, characters are to be selected, copied and pasted again and again.

Other important and useful features:

RTF Code Editor:

You can look the code of your document in RTF format through its RTF code editor. It gives information about the code in which the document is created like /par/pard/pagebb, etc.

Save documents in different formats:

You can save your documents in different formats like .rtf.txt.doc.pas, .xml.wtp etc. This is good as you don’t have to convert your documents to different formats again and again.

Export document formats:

Nine digital formats are available for you to export documents. You can choose among them for creating and document editing. Just export the required format, and your document will be converted into that format.

Colorful and Menu bar free interface:

The Menu bar is not present in the interface making it less complex for you to understand it. Also, the colorful interface makes it look interesting. The colorful approach enables the emoticon insertion to look good with the text.

Spell checker:

You can check the spelling and grammar with spell checker option. In this way, it helps you to make your document free from mistakes. The spell checker runs with a click and opens a new interface illustrated below.

Change view mode to Cascade, Tile Vertically, Tile Horizontally:

You can view documents as cascade, tiled vertically or horizontally. You can switch between them with mouse or CTL+TAB. It proves to be a good feature as you can see relevant documents cascaded, horizontally, or vertically and work on them.


As a content writer, I need a free word processor software to create documents in various formats. With free SSuite Notepad Editor, I can now create and save my documents in various formats without buying a license for it. The menu less and colorful interface gives a simple and interesting look. Buttons for various functions and tools are easy to understand. Switching options between various documents is a good feature. You can scroll pages with a click. Nine digital documents formats are available for you to export. Funny thing is that you can insert emoticons too in your text. Compatible with all versions of windows, it is very easy to install and run.

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