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System Backup Software to Backup & Restore your System Quickly

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is one of the best system backup software to backup & restore your system quickly. It is a one-click backup software for Windows.



AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a powerful backup tool which can replace some built-in backup programs in brand computers. Many brand vendors developed their own backup tools and integrated them into machines especially laptops. However, those inbuilt backup apps have some limitations. For instance, after you re-installed the system or re-adjust the hard disk partition, the backup apps may be infected too.

One of the reason is that those re-operations influence the factory recovery partition created by the vendor’s backup software. Usually, the third-party backup software won’t encounter these situations. For DIY computers’ users, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is also a good choice because of its strong compatibility and easy-to-use features.

Why choose AOMEI OneKey Recovery?

As the title mentioned above, AOMEI OneKey Recovery can backup & restore your system quickly. AOMEI OneKey Recovery, as its name suggests, is a one key/click backup software works for backing up system only. It is a professional Windows system backup product developed by AOMEI Technology. When we are talking about AOMEI, many people may think of its another product – AOMEI Backupper, which is a full-scale Windows backup software.

AOMEI Backupper is very famous. As a result, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is worth trusting. It is safe to use. For those who only want to backup a system, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is enough. What’s more, the free edition of AOMEI OneKey Recovery can satisfy most common needs.

How to use AOMEI OneKey Recovery?

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is easy to handle. Like normal software, download the latest version from the official website, install and run. Left is a backup button, right is recovery button. Select a one to go, and then follow the guide step by step to do. During computer startup, F11 or A key allows you to quickly enter recovery environment.

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If you want to set more, such as backup compression level, backup encryption with a password, hide the notice info at boot, manually set prompt time interval during startup, customization changes, etc. You can try advanced editions of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.


AOMEI OneKey Recovery is an excellent software, which helps us save time. It is very useful for lazy man to protect their data. Welcome to download and try the freeware first.

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