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Free Map Creator to Create Custom Maps Online

Map Stack is a free map creator to design and create custom maps online. It lets you apply up to 5 layers for each map to design and create your own map as you need. You can choose from various Photoshop like controls to change the color, brightness, opacity etc. with your maps. You can design your own maps easily by applying changes to the layers.

You can design your own maps easily by applying changes to the layers. It also lets you download and/or share your map on Pinterest and Tumblr!.

How to Create Your Own Map by Using Map Stack:

First, go to the website (link provided below of this tutorial), and click TRY IT! Now choose a map, or a color, or choose from the predefined gallery. As a startup user, it is good to choose the map from the predefined gallery. Now click the location button and search for a location by typing. It will show you the map of your chosen location on the selected map.

It supports up to 5 layers and you can rearrange the layers by moving them up or down. Also, each layer may have its own properties and each can be edited separately.

Tasks you can do with each layer:

  • Background: In this setting, you can choose from different backgrounds, like Toner, Terrain, Watercolor, MapBox Satellite, etc.
  • Lines & Labels: You can choose here Toner Lines, Toner Labels, MapBox Streets & Labels, etc.
  • Features: In it, you can choose the objects like Water, Buildings, Parks, and Water Mask (black/white).

There are other various options available if you choose Color Tint “ON”. Here you can choose Hue, Saturation, Luminance, and Amount. You can apply different combinations to make a perfect map.

There are also 2 more controls “Layer Mask” and “Blend Mode” on the Edit Map Layer window. Various options are available here and you can choose from different options.

You can rearrange the layers by moving up and down to make a perfect looking map of your choice.

When finished you can create the final image by clicking <image> button as shown in the above screenshot in PNG format. You can then download the image to your PC or share it on Tumblr! or at Pinterest by clicking the desired button.

The final image window also shows some properties of the Map you created, like Date and Time of creation, Dimension of the image, most importantly Satellite Position of the Map.


The Map Stack is good online free map creator for people who want to customize their own map with own colors and other settings. You can easily create good looking maps of your area in few minutes.

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