Net Framework Versions Detector Software to See Installed Dot Net Versions

While using a Windows PC, you may have faced several issues while using a particular software like disk cloning software or any other. It fails to run as it doesn’t find a compatible version of .Net framework available on your PC. Maybe you haven’t installed a one or it is just missing from your PC. In that case, you need to make sure that what version of Microsoft Dot Net Framework you have installed already. So, taking this into my consideration, I will here tell you about a Net Framework versions detector software to see installed Dot Net versions. The software I am going to explain here has a name, ASoft .NET Version Detector.  This software can easily find out the installed Dot Net framework versions on our PC. And the best part is that it also helps you install missing .Net framework versions as well.

ASoft .NET Version Detector Comes as a portable software that you can easily execute from a flash drive. It shows all the installed Dot net versions from your PC. In addition to that, it also helps you download the missing that network since from Microsoft’s official site. Also, not just Dot Net Framework versions, it also lets you download corresponding SDKs for each dot Net Framework version. However, to download the right Dot Net Framework Versions, it will redirect you to Microsoft’s website. It won’t directly download the files for you.

How to use Net Framework Versions Detector Software to See Installed Dot Net Versions?

ASoft .NET Version Detector is a very handy software to see installed version of dot Net Framework on your PC. After listing the installed versions on its interface, you can see what other regions are available on your PC right now and which ones are missing. Apart from showing the availability of a particular Dot Net Framework version, its shows a log that. Also, you can copy that to your Windows clipboard.

You can download ASoft .NET Version Detector from its official website. After that, run its EXE file that you have downloaded. The interface of the software will show up. And as you open the software there’s nothing you need to do it will just analyze the installed versions of dot Net Framework. And when the detection process completes, it will show the results on its interface as well.

ASoft .NET Version Detector show installed dot net framework versions

Referring to the above image you can see that the software has listed installed Dot Net Framework versions on my PC. The ones that it shows with the White text are the ones that have installed. And the ones which are grayed out need to be installed. The bottom side of the software you can see the log of the operations. And if you want you can copy to Windows clipboard by clicking on the copy button.

In addition to all this, also note that corresponding to each Dot Net Framework version’s name there are two buttons. The buttons have different colors. The button with green color lets you download that particular Dot Net Framework version which it corresponds to. On the other hand, the violet button lets you download the corresponding SDK. However, does not directly download the Dot Net medical for you. It redirects you to Microsoft’s official website where the download is available for that particular Dot Net Framework. And it opens the default browser to do that.

ASoft .NET Version Detector dot net version and SDK download

That’s it!! This week and easily use this Net Framework versions detector software to see installed Dot Net versions. And it is pretty easy to do that in just a blink of an eye.

Bottom Lines:

ASoft .NET Version Detector is a must have Net Framework versions detector software to see installed Dot Net versions. I like the software for its simplicity. Also, the fact that you don’t even have to touch anything to make it work. Just run this software and it will show you the report about all versions of Dot Net Framework on your PC.

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