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Disk Cloning Software with Disk Management, Backup PC Data

Seagate DiscWizard is a free disk cloning software with various tools to manage your Maxtor, Seagate, or Samsung hard disk drives.



Seagate DiscWizard is a free disk cloning software with various tools to manage your Maxtor, Seagate, or Samsung hard disk drives. The program has various tools including Backup Hard Drive, Clone Disk, Add New Disk, and Rescue Media Builder in its free edition. All these tools have their own benefits.

You can create a full backup of your Entire PC or only of any particular partition. By selecting the required choice you can start the backup process. You can mount this backup image in temporary drive and can explore its contents. Portable disk drives like Pen Drives can also be backed up by using this tool. You can create a bootable disk recovery disk also by using this program.

What this Free Disk Cloning Software Offers:

Backup: Simply select the disk or disk partition and select the target disk by browsing. Click OK to start the process.

Clone Disk: You can clone your Operating System to another Hard Drive also by using this free program. To do this, just go to the tools by clicking Tools icon and select Clone Disk option from the interface. Here you can use the Automatic or Manual method to complete the process. Select the source disk and destination disk and start the process. You can mount the image in a temporary drive and it can be browsed using Windows Explorer.

Add New Disk: This feature lets you create partitions on your new hard disk. It will search for the connected disk and provides you a wizard to start the process.

Rescue Media Builder: This process lets you create a rescue media in case of boot failure. Destination media can be Optical Disk, Pen drive, or an ISO Image. So if in case your Windows gets corrupted, you can boot through this and can restore the backup.

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More Tools by Seagate DiscWizard:

Other than above-stated tools, it has Seagate DriveCleanser, Mount Image, and Seagate System Report tools.

The DriveCleanser tool can erase all the data from selected partition easily, so care should be taken at the time of using this tool.

Mount Image will let you Mount Backup from the backup image stored in the provided location.

Seagate System Report lets you generate the complete report of your hard disk and errors occurred in your system.


Although there are many free programs available to manage and clone your disk drive. But, this free disk cloning software (Seagate DiscWizard) is more reliable and multi-purpose tool for your Seagate, Maxtor, or Samsung Disk Drives.

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