Math Solver App for Android to Solve Derivatives, Integrals, Limits

MalMath is a free math solver app for Android which can solve integrals, derivatives, limits, algebra, etc. MalMath doesn’t only solve your problem rapidly, it also shows you how to solve the problem. It shows you the solution step by step to make you understand better. MalMath also has the capability to solve graph related problems and shows you the answer on a graph.

Most of us hate maths, and when it comes to Integration and Derivatives, it is the worst thing that a person ever wants to see. While solving these problems, there is always a time where a person is confused and don’t know what to do next. So, with the help of MalMath calculator, a person can actually solve the problem and could see the method of doing it too.

All kinds of integral symbols are present on the keypad so that you could write your equation.

Features of Math Solver App for Android:

Solving problems Step by Step: The biggest perk of MalMath calculator that keeps it far from the competition is that, it tells you about how the problem has been solved. Through this feature, you can actually get to know and learn about the concept of integrals and derivatives.

math solver app

In the image above you can see the equation has been solved step by step, and how the next step was taken is also mentioned.

Graph: As linear equations are represented by graph only. MalMath calculator also has graph feature, through which you can learn how the representation has to be done.

Problem Generator: Problem generator is meant for your practice purpose. It provides many topics to choose from, and these are Algebra, Trigonometry, Limit, Differentiation, and Integrals. You can choose any topic and you’ll get an equation according to it. You can even choose the difficulty level of those equations. They can be chosen between Easy, Medium and Advanced.


Solving integrals and derivatives has always been a problem for most of us. But thanks to MalMath now, that problem has been solved. Some cool features like graph and problem generator make MalMath distinctive. Also, you can choose the level of difficulty of questions according to your choice. Overall, MalMath is great integration and derivatives calculator, for both solving equations and learning too.

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