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Android App to Adjust Brightness and Save Brightness Profile

Velis Auto Brightness is a free app to adjust brightness and save brightness profile. It is a replacement for default auto-brightness feature of Android.



Velis Auto Brightness is a free Android app to adjust brightness and save brightness profile. This app is a replacement for default auto-brightness feature of Android smartphone. There are many features which makes this app much better than the default functionality of Android brightness feature. The app lets you control different aspects of brightness, which means you have a better control of your Android smartphone’s brightness. The app provides you with a graph using which you can control brightness at a deeper level. Apart from just adjusting brightness, you can also save your brightness settings as Brightness Profile for faster access. It means you don’t have to adjust settings again and again. Simply save them as a profile and just tap to use them whenever you want.

Adjust Brightness

Using This Android App to Adjust Brightness, Save Brightness Profile:

When you launch Velis Auto Brightness app for the first time, it will prompt you to go through a few settings. This wizard consists of 5 types of settings, which you have to adjust as per your choice. These 5 settings are Check Brightness Screen Type, App Sensitivity, Additional Brightness When Charging, Steady Brightness, and Auto Brightness.

  • Check Brightness Screen Type: Choose from different brightness screen type. Available presets are TFT Bright, TFT Normal, AMOLED, AMOLED Bright, AMOLED Dim, and S-Curve.
  • App Sensitivity: Choose app sensitivity for changes in light.
  • Additional Brightness: You can enable/disable additional brightness at the time of charging the phone.
  • Steady Brightness: Enable/Disable updating screen brightness while you touch the screen.
  • Auto Brightness: You can choose to enable/disable this app’s auto brightness feature from here. For using the app, it is recommended to enable this feature.

You can also change these settings anytime from within the app. After saving the settings, you will see the home screen of the app as shown in the screenshot below. You can see that it is displaying a graph with different lines. You can also read current light reading, current screen brightness, and current proximity reading. There are two options at the bottom: Enabling/disabling Auto-brightness and Tracking light on graph.

As I have told you that you can also save different brightness profiles in this app. To do this, you first have to set brightness settings as per your choice.  You can adjust it by tapping on the Red colored vertical bar and then dragging it. You can move it in left-right direction to set the limit as per your preference. When you have set it, tap on New Profile option to give it a name and save it. After saving, you only have to tap on the name to use that setting whenever you want.

Other Options of This Android App to Adjust Brightness:

The app also has different options which you can access by tapping at three bar icon at top left corner.

  • Main Form: This option is for going to the interface which I explained above from where you can set up brightness profiles.
  • Settings: This option is for changing the settings which you set up during Settings wizard.
  • Manual Graph Edit: This option lets you edit graph values manually for better brightness adjustment.


Velis Auto Brightness is a good Android app to adjust brightness of Android smartphone. I really liked the freedom it provides for adjusting brightness especially the feature of saving brightness settings as profiles. It saves a lot of time for adjusting the brightness to the desired level as all you need to do is to tap on saved profile. Do give it a try.

Get Velis Auto Brightness here.

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