How to Take Scrolling Screenshot in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to take scrolling screenshot in Windows 10. We will be using a free software for this which allows you to take scrolling screenshot of any window in Windows 10. You may take screenshot of a scrolling web page, file explorer window, or any scrolling window for that matter.

ShareX is a free software service which is used for taking screenshots and uploading images to the web. This software can be utilized in multiple ways, such as: for taking screen captures, text capture (OCR), screen recording, etc. You may also use this free service to take scrolling screenshot of a window. To know how, follow this tutorial.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshot in Windows 10:

  • This software runs in the background and can be opened from the system tray. So, first right-click on its icon in system tray and go to the Capture and then Scrolling Capture option.

take scrolling screenshot (1)

  • It will then ask you to select the region for taking scroll capture. Do that and it will open scroll capture settings which you can set as per your requirements. It allows you to configure Before Capture settings to enable start scrolling capture immediately after capture region selection, select scroll top method before capture, set start delay, etc. You may also set scroll method, scroll delay, maximum scroll count, etc. Besides that, you can set some other options e.g. detect scroll end, guess offsets and combine imagesremove duplicate images, etc.

take scrolling screenshot (2)

  • You may start scroll capture operation right after setting up above options. It will scroll selected window till the end, take scrolling screenshot, process it, and display the screenshot in the output tab. You may also select after capture settings which are: remove a number of last images from the full scroll screenshot, trim left, right, top, bottom edges, set combine adjustments settings.

take scrolling screenshot (3)

It allows you to set “after capture” tasks. You may copy scroll screenshot to the clipboard, save screenshot to an image file, open screenshot in an image editor, etc. It also allows you to upload the screenshot of scrolling window to the web using image hosting services such as TinyPic, ImageShack, Imgur, Flickr, etc.


ShareX is a free open source screenshot utility. This is a really handy desktop application to take scrolling screenshots, normal screen captures, record desktop screen activity, capture screen text, and more. It offers other tools such as Image Editor, Color Picker, Screen Color Picker, Image Effects, QR Code Encoder/Decoder, etc. You may also define hotkey settings for easily operating different screen capture tasks. This is an overall complete and a very good screenshot taking software. Do give it a try and leave your comments below if you liked this software.

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