Enhancer for YouTube: Control Playback Speed, Loop Videos, Remove Ads

YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet with hundred thousands of videos being watched on daily basis. But YouTube plays ads. And ads are annoying, especially when those pop up while watching a video. Enhancer for YouTube is an extension for Microsoft Edge, that blocks ads on YouTube.

Enhancer for YouTube is available in Windows Store. After installing it from there, the extension pops up in Microsoft Edge browser. Enable it there and you are good to go. This same extension is also available for other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Enhancer for YouTube packs lots of features that makes watching videos on YouTube much more comfortable. When enabled, a toolbar pops up on YouTube page with six buttons on it. You can block ads easily from there and along with that, it lets you control volume via mouse scrollresize playeradjust playback speedcinema mode and much more.

Key Features of this Browser Extension:

First of all, it blocks ads within a video on YouTube. Along with ad blocking, it includes other awesome features, which makes YouTube experience much easier and pleasant.

Key features:

  • Ad block.
  • Nice and useful Toolbar.
  • Pinned Player for easy navigation without taking eyes off from the current video.
  • Easy playback speed control.
  • Mouse wheel volume control.
  • Whitelist particular YouTube Channels from ad block.
  • Automatic ad and annotation removal.
  • Disable autoplay next video with an exception for playlist autoplay.
  • Disable preloading videos when autoplay is disabled.
  • Pause videos in background tabs.
  • Four choices for preferred video quality.
  • Theme support.
  • Custom JavaScript support.


The toolbar has six keys initially that can be further customized.

  • Remove Ads: Simple button for blocking ads easily and quickly. Click on the Remove Ads button and all ads would go away.
  • Cinema Mode: It resizes the video in the center of the screen and darkens the background. It makes the video stand out from all background distractions.
  • This is very useful under dark environment i.e. ideal for night time.
  • Resize Player: This feature resizes the video from the left side to the center of the screen and vice versa. It’s similar to “Theater Mode” option of YouTube but without those big black areas on both sides of the video.

See the difference between YouTube’s “Theater Mode” and the resize player option of Enhance For YouTube extension.

  • Loop: It put the current video on loop. So, in case you are watching a song or something you like, just loop it and it’ll keep playing again and again without consuming data again. You can loop videos on YouTube without any extension though, but this extension makes looping just one click away. After all, end of the day, it all about ease and quick access.
  • Speed: This feature lets you control the playback speed easily. Hover the cursor over Speed icon in toolbar and scroll to change the playback speed. Just click on the Speed icon and it’ll reset it back to normal.

  • Options: This button leads you to all the features and options this extension offers. As this extension packs tons of features, you can easily customize it from there, as you preferred.

Pinned Player:

This is a really nice feature that comes in handy all the time.

What this does is, pinned the current video to the bottom right corner when you scroll down from the video. So, in this way, you can watch the comments and other recommendations without taking eyes off from the video.


Clicking on Options from the Toolbar, leads to a page, containing all the options for this extension. Options are categories according to their functionality.


This section has options for customizing the Toolbar.

You can change the physical appearance of the Toolbar by changing colors, slide up/down effect, and transparency. You can also choose which buttons should appear on Toolbar.

Cinema Mode:

Cinema mode can be further customized under this section.

You can enable automatic Cinema Mode, and all the videos on YouTube will play in Cinema Mode after that. Background color and opacity can also be customizable, so you can change it as per your taste.

Video Player:

All the settings regarding video and playback falls under this section. You can change playback speed and set default volume level. You can change the size of pinned player from 180p to 720p and can manage whitelisted websites from ad block. Ads can be blocked automatically. Automatic removal of annotations and automatic enabling the filters can be set.

And you can set four choices for preferred video quality, all videos would play in one of those qualities as per your connection speed.


You can set expanding the video descriptions and sorting comments automatically under miscellaneous options.

It will automatically expand the video description and sort the comments by new to old.


Under this section, you can set custom themes for YouTube with five prebuilt options. You can set your own custom theme by adding CSS Script if you want to.

But if you’ve enabled the new Material Design version of YouTube, in that case, you cannot use these themes.

Custom Script:

In case you want to execute JavaScript, just paste the JavaScript that you want to execute in the box and save it. It will automatically execute that JavaScript when YouTube is loaded in the tab.

This is a clean and easy option of executing JavaScript on YouTube, you do not have to mess around Inspect tool.


Enhancer for YouTube is a functionality rich extension for YouTube. With minimal design, toolbar looks nice and get easily blend in with the background. Navigate through the settings is easy as every option is straightforward and easy to understand. Ad blocking is good but there is room for improvement. Overall it’s a decent extension, good for an average person as well as satisfying for the nerds with tons of features. And available for most of the popular web browsers out there. Vast availability for different browsers makes it stand out from the competition.

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