How To Post From Facebook To Twitter Automatically

A couple of years back, Facebook introduced a new feature that lets you link your Twitter account with Facebook.
This feature of Facebook lets you post your Facebook to Twitter automatically. But, still many people don’t know
about this and use the traditional method the to post the same thing on their Facebook and Twitter account. And so, today I will tell you about how to post from Facebook to Twitter automatically.

how to post from Facebook to Twitter automatically

Posting the same thing on social media could be a good move when you are engaged in digital marketing or SMO stuff. And to keep your users bind, you have to keep posting. For that, you can go for this approach. Once, you have linked your Twitter account with Facebook, your Facebook posts will automatically be posted to your Twitter timeline. However, to automatically post from Facebook, you will have to make your posts public in order to send them to Twitter.

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Post from Facebook to Twitter Automatically: is really a very good tool to post from Facebook to Twitter automatically. And you can post your status, photo, video, events, notes, etc. automatically to Twitter. You will not have to open Twitter again or allow something to do the same.

So, to get started, first go to and then link your Twitter account. After allowing Facebook to post to your Twitter, it will tell you that setup has been successful.

link twitter account

Next, you will be asked to choose what to post automatically to Twitter. It will show you various options like statuses, events, video, notes, etc. From now on, whatever you will post on Facebook as a public post, it will automatically send it to your Twitter timeline. You can see the snap that I have placed in the beginning.

This is how you can easily post from Facebook to Twitter automatically.


I really didn’t know that Facebook offers such feature natively. And I am amazed by this feature that you can easily post from Facebook to Twitter automatically. You will not have to post anything twice on your Facebook and Twitter account. So, go ahead and give it a try, I am sure that it will save you a lot of time that you would have wasted by following the native approach.

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