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Best YouTube Easter Eggs Which You Might Not Know

In this post, we will see some of the best YouTube easter eggs which you might not know.

There are certain easter eggs which can make using YouTube fun.



In this post, we will see some of the best YouTube easter eggs which you might not know. Yes, there are certain easter eggs or tricks that you can do on YouTube that most of you had no idea about. If you don’t feel like watching videos or are done watching your playlist, then you can definitely check out these secret tricks and easter eggs. Some of these will rather make your experience of YouTube more interesting and fun. You will love them, trust me on that.

youtube easter eggs

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So, let’s go and see the best YouTube easter eggs!

Watch YouTube Effortlessly

YouTube TV has an awesome feature that most YouTubers have no clue about. It gives you a sleek and attractive UI that goes way beyond than just looks. As the name suggests, YouTube TV is the result of the YouTube team thinking of lazy YouTubers like me who want to lean back on their chair and watch videos all day like one would watch TV. YouTube TV can be controlled using your keyboard only (you can use your mouse too but I don’t think there is much need).

You can browse through all your favorite channels displayed on the webpage, as well as search for your favorite video. The video plays in a fullscreen mode; you can browse suggested videos and the channel videos by tapping the down key while watching the video. There is a guide panel on the side where you can browse videos of different genres. Now, how to access all this? Well, all you have to do is add “/tv” after the “” or directly type “” in the address bar of your browser.

Copy and Share a Specific Video Part

YouTube has now provided you with the means to copy and share a specific video part anywhere, which plays from a specific time that you have specified or copied. It is a simple four-step process. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the video playing.
  • Pause the video.
  • Right-click and select the option “Copy video URL at current time”.
  • Share the URL wherever you want.

Do the Harlem Shake on YouTube

If you are an avid YouTuber, then you obviously know what Harlem Shake is. Harlem Shake is basically a dance-comedy video where a group of people starts to dance after a bass drop. It caught a lot of attention and was trending in early 2013. What a lot of people didn’t know was that YouTube had added an easter egg of Harlem Shake. To activate this easter egg you have to type in do the Harlem shake” in the search bar. The search result will appear with a “pause” button. The YouTube logo will shake at first and after the bass drop, the search results will also shake and dance, just like the dance in normal Harlem Shake videos.

Use the Force Luke on YouTube

Another easter egg that YouTube provides its nerdy viewers comes from the Star Wars saga. Star Wars as most of you know is a well-known cult movie about spaceships, aliens, the good, the bad and fatherly love. You can activate this easter egg by typing “use the force luke” in the search bar, following to which, the search results and the panel on the left-hand side start to feel weightless. You can control their movement with your mouse cursor and it feels as if you are controlling them with “The Force” as it is shown in the movies. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Rainbow Seek Bar

While watching a YouTube video, you can perform a simple but really fun looking easter egg. To activate it, you have to play a video, select the video to play on HD. After that, you have to go into fullscreen mode and type “awesome“. You will see the seek bar, the HD icon with the settings cog and the annotation button flashing in rainbow colors. Really an awesome trick!

Doge Meme on YouTube

On YouTube, typing “doge meme” in the search bar will bring you an easter egg from one of the funniest memes that are still used on the internet. Behold the “Doge meme” where a cringeworthy Shiba Inu dog is shown with grammatical incorrect, colored, comic sans styled sentences with a lot of use of “very” and “wow”. Typing “Doge meme” changes the font and style of the items on the search page to be identical to Doge meme. This always reminds me of that meme and cracks me up every time.

Webdriver Torso on YouTube

This is an easter egg made by YouTube on its own channel “Webdriver Torso“, which used to post videos with blue and red squares in different sizes and positions. There was a lot of mystery around this YouTube channel until Google admitted that these were test videos uploaded by employees from their Zurich office. To see this easter egg, you just have to type “webdriver torso and your search results turn blue and red, emulating the blue and red squares in the webdriver torso videos. Just be careful running this around people with Epilepsy.


As you can see, in YouTube apart from tons of videos, has numerous hidden features and easter eggs. My favorite one is “Force Luke” where I can control the layout as Darth Vader (just kidding). The rest were really awesome too and I don’t think I can put any of the entries on my “did not like” list since all of these entries were really refreshing.

Which one of these entries are you eager to try out? Do tell me in the comments!

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