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How to Bulk Like Facebook Posts at Once

Save your time by liking all Facebook posts once. And if you don’t; know then see this guide about how to bulk like Facebook posts.



You are on your favorite Facebook page and want to like all of their posts, then the question is how you will do it? Although it sounds exhausting, actually there is a tweak that you can use to do the same. You can easily click all Like buttons on Facebook in a single click. So, today here I will tell you about how to bulk like Facebook posts at once. I will tell you about a powerful Chrome extension which is known as Toolkit for Facebook. This extension comes with a lot of other tools to play on Facebook like Unliking all Facebook pages at once, unfriend multiple people at once, and of course clicking all Like buttons on a Facebook page or newsfeed.

Toolkit for Facebook is very simple and quite messy extension that you have ever used. It is because of the fact that it comes with a lot more other tools. It not just lets you hit Like buttons on Facebook, but also lets you scroll to next part of the page as Facebook don’t show up a whole page instantly.

How to Click All Like Buttons on Facebook at Once?

I have already reduced you with Toolkit for Facebook. Now I will show you some other features of this Extension and how to use it. Well, the extension works perfectly fine when it comes to hitting all like buttons on a Facebook page to like all posts at once. And you will easily able to use it even though you have never used any Chrome extension before.

So install toolkit for Facebook by downloading it from Chrome store. After that it’s icon will be visible on Chrome toolbar. When you click on it and you will see the option ” Click All Like Buttons” with the other options.

toolkit for facebook

Now, this is the time to use this extension in a real scenario. Log in to your Facebook account and open the news feed or any other page post you want to like by clicking on all like buttons. After reaching the page, open the extension and then click on the click cover like buttons option. A small pop up window appears, just simply click on click online buttons and it will automatically like all the posts on that page. And he does that by clicking on like buttons on that page in a very short moment of time.

bulk like facebook posts

That’s all folks, it is all you needed to click all like buttons on a Facebook page. And toolkit for Facebook extension makes it very easy to do it.


Toolkit for Facebook extension in a very simple way to click all like buttons on a Facebook page to like multiple posts at once. If you are one of those who wants to like all of your friend’s posts, page posts at once then you can use this extension. The extension works fine and you will enjoy using it. So, get up and start liking multiple posts on Facebook using toolkit for Facebook.

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