How to Check If your Phone is VR Enabled

Here you will learn how to check if your phone is VR enabled. Doing that is very simple and in this post, you will see an outstanding infographics which can help you easily figure out whether your phone is VR enabled or not.

Advances in technology including the Internet, smartphones, laptops, and tablets have changed the world in a short space of time; we have seen these to influence the globe in so many ways including economically and socially. Virtual reality or VR as it’s more commonly referred to is sometimes bunched in with the likes of artificial intelligence but the fact is that VR (and AI) have actually been around for many years having been initially developed in the 1960s.

Since then VR has been incorporated into a myriad of industries including the aviation training world, engineering, architecture and much more. What we are seeing in more recent times is the marrying of personal technology advancement and VR to infiltrate the likes of the entertainment, gaming and adult industries.

Getting Started With VR – Infographics:

Put simply, once you have a smartphone, you are pretty much VR ready. There seems to be a common misconception amongst the wider public that VR is an expensive and restrictive space to get into but this is untrue. The people over at Carvaka have put together this infographic which provides a step-by-step guide to stepping into all things VR; it lists the smartphones that are VR enabled so you can seek yours out and confirm that it’s VR enabled; it describes some good VR apps to try out for an immersive experience and it also details more advanced options that one might like to consider in a headset experience.

Check the full graphic out below.



Just follow the infographics and in a matter of seconds you will learn whether you can use VR apps, VR games, or watch VR videos on your phone or not.

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