Backup Oculus Rift Games and Apps with vrBackupper

People like playing games. We played computers games before, virtual reality games now. Virtual Reality (or VR, for short) is a popular technology nowadays. Although it is not mature, it is interesting and it attracts many people. Virtual reality world is beautiful and amazing. To enter the world, you need VR device. Oculus Rift, which is a head mounted device to experience the virtual reality. The owner of Oculus Rift is Facebook. It is worth trying. Oculus Rift doesn’t need any smart phone to be head mounted. Itself is a mini computer.

Oculus Rift developed many apps and games. Unluckily, there is not a backup app yet. But you can backup Oculus Rift with a third-party backup tool. vrBackupper produced by AOMEI Technology is a great choice for backing up Oculus Rift. In the software market, there is no second product like it. That is to say, vrBackupper is the first backup program for Oculus Rift data. vrBackupper is a freeware that everyone can enjoy it.

Some of the Important Features of vrBackupper:

As a backup software. vrBackupper is designed to backup & restore data of Oculus Rift. It has two methods: backup the whole Oculus installation directory or only the games and apps in the installation directory.

backup oculus rift

When you are restoring, you are able to restore to a dissimilar hardware because of AOMEI’s universal technology. Sometimes, restore can take the place of re-install and re-download. With vrBackupper, we save lots of time.

Another function of vrBackupper is called Migrate Oculus Installation. vrBackupper can transfer Oculus installation directory to another place, new drive or even external drives, when external drives, you have to insert the external drive to the computer first and keep the drive letter unchanged every time you when you are using Oculus. With the help pf vrBackupper, you can solve the problem of lacking storage of installing games and apps.


Oculus has shortages. For example, Oculus VR games can only be stored in the installation directory of Oculus and Oculus old versions can only be installed on the system partition. However, vrBackupper makes up these shortcomings. vrBackupper is easy to use. Install and run it will detect your source location automatically. The current version of vrBackupper is 1.0. The size is small – 35.4MB. It supports Windows 10 64 bit. We think it has great potential. It maybe joins in AOMEI’s famous product AOMEI Backupper Standard (free backup software) in the future.