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How to Extract Website Data Including Images, Links, Email Addresses, ZIP Files

This tutorial will help you know how to extract website data like images, emails, links, ZIP files with the use of a free software.



If you are looking for a solution to extract website data which may be images, email addresses, ZIP files, or URLs, this tutorial will help you. There is this free software called XSite which lets you extract all of these types of data from a web page, that too within a few seconds. So, follow this tutorial to check how you can extract website data with the use of this free software.

XSite is a free software which you can use to extract several types of data from a single webpage. Its interface is very basic which comprises a simple toolbar, essential menu items, one search bar, and a ‘results’ section. The minimalistic and intuitive GUI makes this software easy to use. You can download this software by going to this download link. This software is supported on Windows platforms only.

It can grab four types of website content as I have specified above. You can extract all links, images, embedded ZIP files, and email IDs from a web page. I have discussed a simple procedure below which is required to be followed to extract website content.

How to extract website data with this free tool:

  1. First and foremost, you need to copy or type the address of the webpage from where you need to scrape data. This web address needs to be entered into address search bar which is available right on the top of interface.

  1. You need to click on query website button which is available on toolbar or you can press enter key on your keyboard. XSite will quickly fetch links, image links, ZIP file links, and email addresses from given web page. The outcome is displayed in a tree like view where results are shown as nodes. To view links, images, ZIP files, and emails, expand individual nodes. The good part is that it allows you to export separate resulting nodes in Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. Even a full report which contains URLs, image links, ZIP file links, and emails is allowed to be saved as log and text files.

All Links node shows URLs which are extracted from the given web page. You may navigate to an individual link in a web browser by right clicking on it and selecting open option.

Images node displays links of all images which were extracted from given web page. You may click on an image link to open it in your web browser. You can also download and save image files in local storage in their original format by using Tools menu.

Zip Files node lists all archive file links which are embedded in a web page. This option may come handy to people who regularly use GitHub and like websites to download multiple source code and installation ZIP folders instantly.

Email Addresses node views a whole list of embedded email addresses in the entered web page as you can see in below picture. This feature is helpful for marketing campaigns and businesses where one needs to scrape email IDs to reach to potential customers. It reduces effort and time to get in touch with potential clients.


XSite is one of the best free solutions to extract website data e.g. links, images, emails, etc. The best thing about this software is that its processing speed is very quick, and it is effortless to use. Do give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

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