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Bulk Verify Email Address using Trumail’s Free Verification API

See how to bulk verify email address using Trumail’s free verification API. Use this in browser, command prompt or in your application



There are plenty of email address verification tools available that you can use to validate an email address. But the problem is that either they are premium tools or come with a limitation. If you want a completely free tool to bulk verify email address, then there is free email verification API by Trumail that you can use. The brightest part about this is that you don’t have to sign up or register for an account first. Use it with the help of a simple URL in a special format that it supports. Then it will return the response in XML and JSON format.

Trumail’s API is quite a powerful tool for you. However, it needs a technical workaround if you want to use it to bulk verify email addresses. The single email addresses can be verified easily. The JSON or XML response that it returns shows useful information that you can analyze to confirm if an email address is valid or not.

Bulk Verify Email Address using Trumail’s Free Verification API

When you query for an email verification using Trumail’ API, it returns data in JSON/XML format. In that response, it shows the hostname of the email, the domain of the email, deliverability to that email address, whether an email is an alias, etc. There are different tags and keys it uses to show you the validation result of an email.

So, to verify an email address, either use Trumail’s website which is a good option for naive users. And if you want to use the command line of your PC, MAC or Linux, then use the curl to do that. Also, you can use any web browser to that in an efficient manner. Use the following syntax of the URL in the browser and with curl as I have shown below.{format}/{email}

trumail email verification in command line

trumail email verification in browser

See? that’s easy! Just use a simple syntax for verification request and receive a response in a few seconds. If you have some technical knowledge, then you can this tool for bulk email verification. You can either make a batch file or you can use Google Sheets to do that.

The Bottom Line

Trumail is an outstanding solution for developers and other users who often need to verify some email addresses. And this is an ideal fit for them. Just use a simple URL and then it will fetch the result in front of you in a blink of an eye. For email related posts, you may want to read about a free anonymous email service.

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