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How to use Quora in Night Mode, Activate Dark Theme on Quora

See how to use Quora in night mode by activating the dark theme on Quora. Simply follow this guide and start using Quora in night mode



It’s been requested a lot of times to Quora community to provide an option for night mode. Tons of Quora users read answers and questions in the night and it hurt the eyes. There’s no official statement from Quora yet but we can circumvent this. Here I will tell you how to use Quora in night mode by activating the dark theme. A Chrome plugin comes with the ability to change the theme of certain websites including Quora. That’s what I am going to use this post.

The Chrome plugin which alters the theme of websites called “Stylish”. This Chrome extension can activate the dark theme on Quora so your eyes will feel relaxed while you’re reading the answers to various questions. However, this may not work if we use a mobile device to access Quora. But, as long as you use a personal computer to use Quora then you will love Quora in its dark theme.

Using Quora in Night Mode by Activating Dark Theme

You can install stylish Chrome extension from the store. After adding it to your browser, simply go to this website and then install the dark Quora theme in Stylish extension.

quora night mode by installing stylish

Now, open Quora and then log in to your account. And after accessing Quora, you will realize that the theme of Quora has changed. You will see the dark theme that wasn’t there before. And the best thing about this is that this theme is designed in such a way that elements from the page or from the answers won’t hide. You will still use and read Quora in the same way as we used to do it before. The only changes are in the theme of the website. Analyse the following snapshots and seat for yourself.

Quora night mode home

Quora specific answer in darm mode theme

Luckily, this is the only way that I could find to activate the dark theme on Quora. And sadly I couldn’t find anything for mobile devices. But, I promise if I come across any app or extension which enables the dark theme for Quora in mobile devices then I will surely share that.

The Bottom Line:

I generally prefer dark theme on websites. That’s why I often use dark reader Chrome extension to enable dark theme by default. But the problem with that is the dark theme doesn’t fit on some websites including Quora. And that’s why I was looking for an alternative. Suddenly I came across this “Stylish” Chrome extension and I am sharing that with you. So, if are a regular Quora user like me then go ahead and give it a try.

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