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How to Control Windows Update Bandwidth in Windows 10

Now control windows update bandwidth in Windows 10. Set whatever download rate to background windows updates in a few steps



Nowadays, Microsoft pushes a lot of Windows updates regularly. And if you use limited data connection then you must be worrying about the data consumption that Windows uses in the background. With new Fall Creators update, you can now control the bandwidth usage in Windows 10. And here I will tell you how to control Windows update bandwidth in Windows 10. This is useful for users who use limited data. With the help of this feature, you can specify how much percentage of the actual bandwidth will Windows use for updates. However, if you use unlimited data plans, then you may not find this feature that much handy.

Previously, a lot of users were using the Metered Connection in Windows 10 to limit bandwidth usage during Windows updates. But now Microsoft has exclusively added the feature to control the bandwidth rate for Windows 10. You can specify how much percent of the bandwidth windows will use in the background. However, this feature is not available in creators update on anniversary update of Windows 10. Microsoft has introduced this feature for the first time in Fall Creators update only. So still, if you don’t have Fall Creators update, then upgrade to it now.

How to Control Windows Update Bandwidth in Windows 10?

Controlling Windows update bandwidth seems to be a very nice feature. You can go for an alternate approach such as permanently disabling Windows 10 updates. Or, you can use a free tool to download Windows 10 update selectively. But if you wanna stick to the default Windows 10 updates then you should learn how to limit Windows 10 update bandwidth usage.

So, open settings app and go to Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options (in Update Settings window).

windows 10 update settings advanced options

Now, go to the Delivery Optimization > Advanced options again. Finally, you will get to see the Download settings and Upload settings.

limit control windows update bandwidth in windows 10limit control windows update bandwidth in windows 10

You can enable the respective options according to your choice. There are various sliders that you can use. To limit the bandwidth usage, use the Download settings. By default, Windows 10 uses 45% of the bandwidth to download updates, but you can change it to whatever percentage according to the monthly quota you are getting.

That’s easy, isn’t it? You can easily control Windows update bandwidth in Windows 10. The method of doing that doesn’t require an external tool. With the inbuilt feature of Windows 10, you can do that in a few seconds.

The Bottom Line

I usually get a limited quota on my data pack. So, I don’t want to waste it on Windows updates and for so long I was using the metered connection or disabling Windows update service like methods. But, with the introduction of this feature of Windows 10, I am really feeling relaxed. I don’t have to worry about the data usage in the background. And if you are one of those, worrying about the data consumption in the background of Windows updates, then limit Windows 10 update bandwidth right now.

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