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6 Best Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Items for Christmas

Here, we will see some of the best eco-friendly gift wrapping items you can use from newspaper to jar, recycled paper to old fabric, etc.



In this post, we will see some of the best eco-friendly gift wrapping items you can use. Christmas is just behind the corner and the atmosphere is just beautiful and makes you feel festive. We all start to think about how to surprise and make the people happy who we love. A good thing to consider when choosing a good gift is how to wrap them so they can also express our feelings because in the end, appearance matters.

Of course, you can pick some nice Christmas wrapping paper and do your magic but have in mind it’s not at all recyclable. Normally, everyone uses the plastic wrap for gifting items to anyone, as the wrap makes the gift look nice and classy. In case you want to spice up your presents this year, why not use some environmentally friendly gift wrap. As you know using plastic can harm the environment.

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Here are some ideas that would unlock your creativity, make your gifts more unique using sustainable gift wrapping items.

  1. Newspapers


This is something that you don’t even need to spend money on just grab some newspapers from last week and use them to wrap your gift. The best option would be a black and white newspaper but anything can work in reality. Grab some paper tape, a black marker and do your magic. You can also use some cord, fabric ribbon or some beautify flower, experiment and enjoy.

  1. Recycled Paper


When I say recycled paper, it can be bought specifically but also it can be old paper from a notebook or some kind of old packaging, all it matters is that it’s clean because it will allow you to draw, write and doodle. It doesn’t necessarily require you to spend money, just use what you have at home, use your imagination.

  1. Paper Cord


Paper Cord and all kinds of materials in flower shops are useful except the plastic wraps, you don’t need that. You can even use only that and tie your gift with it, put a handwritten note and make the person happy, it’s that simple.  You can also combine it with other materials as decoration though, do whatever feels good.

  1. Old Fabric


Fabric is a very good eco-friendly way of packaging because you are literally recycling old items. It was created by the Japanese and it’s in fact, their traditional way of wrapping. It’s called “furoshiki” and is created using specific technics for wrapping. They use very beautiful and colorful fabric that makes everything look much better. It’s supposedly dating from the 8th century and nowadays it’s considered an art form. It’s certainly something different and will definitely spice up your game.

  1. Jars


Jars are good to use when you can actually put your present in a jar. They are also pretty easy to decorate with a beautiful cotton ribbon for example. This way you are not only wrapping in an eco-friendly way but also reusing and giving your friends something, they can use later. Personalize it, use flowers, colors, and textures and make it something they’ll remember.

  1. Old or Homemade Boxes


Boxes are easy to come around as we often receive things we order in a box. As long as it’s a clean one, it works perfectly. This works not only for carbon ones but metal ones too. Not only it’s very nice to have a useful, good looking metal box where you can hold all kinds of stuff but it’s also pretty eco-friendly and practical.


So, if you’re one of those people who are really concerned about environmental hazards and want to reduce environmental pollution by any means, then this post can be useful for you. Start by changing your gift wraps to more sustainable and eco gift wraps. All the eco-friendly gift wrapping items explained in this post can definitely help reduce environmental pollution.

Folks, do let me know what you think in the comments.

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