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7 Best Eco-Friendly Bags In The World

Here, we will take about 7 best eco-friendly bags in the world. There are several brands that are manufacturing eco-friendly bags for you.



Here, we will talk about the 7 best eco-friendly bags in the world. Everything in our lives has an impact on nature and the consequences for a careless attitude will soon become more and more obvious. Nowadays, everybody is aware of the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment and this is why people prefer tote bags or other kinds of fabric-made bags for their everyday needs.

Despite this positive change we still have a long way to go. Speaking about bags a good place to start would be not only changing our shopping bags but also the ones we use for our “business” or “hangout” i.e. the handbag. There is a number of brands on the market that offer environmentally friendly and stylish bags. So, below we will see some of those eco-friendly bags available for you to buy.

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  1. Matt & Nat Eco-Friendly Bags


Matt & Nat is a Canadian brand that produces stylish and unique eco-friendly bags. When it comes to materials the brand doesn’t use leather. Among the materials, they use you can find recycled bottle lining, recycled bicycle tires, recycled nylon, cork, rubber, and vegan leather. All the products the brand has to offer are made in China, but in factories with good working conditions where fair wage and fair treatment is a priority. The brand is PETA-approved too.

  1. Gunas Eco-Friendly Bags


This New York brand produces its products in a small factory in Seoul, Korea with the help of local artisans. They are highly against the “Made in China” label because of the poor conditions, low wages, etc. The brand is strongly opinionated about living wages, fair equal rights, and the support of craftmanship. And this is what they are doing with their own employees.  When it comes to the fabric, Gunas uses only 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials such as leather, silk, fur, wool, bone, horn, and animal byproduct adhesives. Furthermore, they use recycled plastic bottle lining, recycled paper, and recycled metal. They are also PETA-approved.

  1. Raven & Lily Eco-Friendly Bags


Raven & Lily is a brand that specializes in jewelry and bags. They are a member of the Fair-Trade Federation and are also B-Corp certified. They have factories in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia, India, the USA, Morocco, Mexico, and Peru, where they use the skills of local artisans. This is their way of helping people in different parts of the world to get a job and provide for themselves and their families. The materials they use are locally sourced, for example in Kenya they work with the only carbon-neutral fair-trade factory to get the cotton for their products. The brand also uses only vegetable dye. Raven & Lily is a brand that is also an active participant in different charities such as Project Soar which funds schools and gives education for girls.

  1. Purse for the People


This US brand prides itself on a zero-waste manufacturing process as each product is handmade. They are definitely against fast fashion. And “Purse for the People” is fighting against it by using eco-friendly fibers such as organic bamboo, organic hemp, organic linen, rattan, bemban, and bark cloth.

  1. Pitti Vintage


Pitti Vintage is a small Italian brand you can find on Etsy. It started out as a vintage seller but with the time expanded to selling handmade vegan-leather bags. They offer a variety of types for every taste.

  1. Cotton On


The Cotton On brand is part of the Cotton On Foundation that since 2007 has been focusing on improving the life for communities in need. The Foundation is partnering with different brands and 100% of every sale of the Foundation goes to support equality.  One of their biggest missions is to create 20,000 educational places by 2020.

  1. Kayu Eco-Friendly Bags


Kayu is a brand highly supporting equal rights and opportunities. This is why they are working with immigrants in San Francisco for the monogramming and with small, family-owned factories in Manila, the Philippines for the manufacturing. Every product is crafted by a specific indigenous technique that helps the population preserve its heritage.  The company works only with natural straw-seagrass or weed. The majority of straw on the market is plastic which is seriously damaging the eco-system. It’s important to mention that they are active contributors to different charity events as Unite for Sight, Awareness Cambodia, and YMCA.


So, if you’re looking for the best eco-friendly bags to buy, then the list explained in this post can help you choose. All these brands are contributing to make the environment clean and avoid pollution by manufacturing bags with more sustainable materials. If you buy these bags then apart from getting a cool and stylish bag, you will also be helping the environment.

Guys, do let me know what you feel in the comments below.

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