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10 Most Creative and Useful Eco-Friendly Innovations in the World

Here, we will talk about some of the 10 most creative and useful eco-friendly innovations in the world that helps in reducing pollution.



Here, we will talk about some of the 10 most creative and useful eco-friendly innovations in the world.  We are on the verge of destroying our own home (planet Earth) with consumerism. This type of attitude has resulted in many movements against products that are dangerous to the environment. But, at the same time, some of those products can’t just be cut out of our daily life.

This is why people have come up with all kinds of interesting and useful eco-friendly innovations that wouldn’t really change our lives except that they will be far healthier and cleaner. So, we will discuss some of the most innovative eco-friendly products below.

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Here are the best ones:

  1. Jewelry from Air Pollution


You can buy a ring made from smog and in this way, you would be contributing to more than 1000 square meters of clean air.

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  1. The Seabin


This is a project inspired by the idea that if we have bins on the ground there’s nothing stopping us from having them in the sea. It’s actually working as we speak and up to today, it has gathered 249 170 kg of garbage.

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  1. Coffee Tissues


S.Cafe has created a way of producing wearable tissues from coffee grounds. They dry faster, get produced with less energy and also they absorb UV- rays.

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  1. CloudFisher


This is a product that aims to help people living in coastal or mountainous areas. The main purpose of the project is to transform fog into drinking water. It is available in many different sizes for anybody’s needs.

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  1. Tapioca Flour Packaging


This type of packaging is completely biodegradable and doesn’t damage the environment.

  1. Cassava Starch Packaging


They made plastic bags out of cassava starch that actually dissolve into water and are in no way dangerous to marine life. They are also edible.

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  1. Edible Cutlery


Originated in India where there the plastic pollution is enormous, the edible cutlery is made from millets, rice, and wheat. It has nutritious values and a shelf life of more than 3 years.

  1. Bricks from Mushrooms

brick mushrooms

Using mushrooms a company has started producing biodegradable building materials. The mushroom brick is basically grown by combining mycelium and chopped-up corn husks. Then it is put in a brick mould to grow. The result is a lightweight and solid brick.

  1. Skyscrapers from Trash


Singapore is producing immense qualities of solid trash every day and only 9% is being recycled. This is why they have come up with the idea of building with it. The put it in eco-friendly nanotubes that are later on put in the cement and make it stronger by more than 30 %.

  1. Powder that Separates any Kind of Dirt from Water


Made in India from soybeans, this powder can separate any kind of dirt from clean water. Immixes with the pollutants and they sink to the bottom.

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So, these are some of the most creative and useful eco-friendly innovations in the world. Where big corporates are harming the environment to earn more revenue, there are some people who are actually caring about the planet Earth. They are consistently trying to minimize the hazards done to the environment by developing environmentally-friendly innovations like the ones we saw in this post. I hope everyone thinks like this and help save our planet Earth.

Do let me know what do you think in the comments below.

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