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7 Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands in the World

In this post, you will learn about the 7 best eco-friendly clothing brands in the world. These brands make affordable eco-friendly clothing.



In this post, we will talk about the 7 best eco-friendly clothing brands in the world. It’s the 21st century and humankind is faced with a serious threat for its future like global warming and other environmental hazards. There are many things people are doing in order to fight it. Some examples are the usage of metal straws, cotton bags for shopping, bamboo cups for coffee, and sustainable fashion. The idea behind sustainable fashion is inspired by the fact that nowadays fashion is mainstream and is produced in enormous quantities in order to be able to satisfy the necessities of its customers.

Something important to know is that producing the necessary amount of cotton, wool or polyester for a single article pollutes the water, the soil, and the air. It has a major effect on the climate. Although many of the clothes remain unbought, the way of producing fashion hasn’t changed a lot. Nevertheless, people have spoken and there are many ethical and eco-friendly clothing companies in the market today. So, here we will take a look at some of these eco-friendly clothing brands.

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  1. Amour Vert


Amour Vert, a brand created by a duo ahead of its time with the sole purpose of nature preservation. Their name literally means “Green love” in French and they make lots of effort to show that it is really true. The brand uses sustainable tissues such as beechwood blend, organic cotton OEKO -TEX silk, Cupro, and ethical wool all free of pesticides and is biodegradable. They are produced with either recycled materials that would have been otherwise thrown away or with sustainable plants.

97% of their tissues and overall products are made in small factories near the San Francisco Bay Area. All of their clothes are produced in limited quantities in order to prevent more pollution. Another plus is their campaign of planting a tree every time a t-shirt is sold. So far, they have planted more than 22000 trees. Guys, help them plant more trees by buying their eco-friendly clothing. They have physical shops as well as a website from which you can buy their products.

  1. United by Blue


United By Blue is a Philadelphia based clothing brand established in 2010. Its main purpose is to clean the already created pollution. For each sold article the brand picks up 1 pound of garbage from rivers, beaches, and streams. They also organize frequent cleanups to make a more visible impact on the ocean and sea waste. The tissues such as organic cotton, organic dye, recycled polyesters are all sustainable and recycled which is why this brand is a certified B-Corp company.

  1. Able


Tennessee based company “Able” is trying to lower the wage gap between men and women. The brand’s creator saw firsthand how many young women were forced to prostitution in order to be able to feed and take care of their families. Also, according to statistics women are concentrated in the lowest-payed and least secure jobs. This is why the brand invests in women and their future. They work locally and globally and manufacture in the communities they wish to impact. The brand’s clothing articles are made by female artisans in Ethiopia, Peru and Mexico.  The brand is also B-Corp certified and uses sustainable tissues for producing their clothes.

  1. KOTN


KOTN is a Toronto based company producing male and female basics in the USA. The main tissue they use is Egyptian cotton. They are a B-Corp certified company that works with 690 small firms and subsidizes them with fertilizers and agricultural consultants in order for them to have a successful crop. In the past year, this has lowered the costs for the farmers by average with 28%. In the production of the clothing articles the brand is putting a lot of effort to not pollute water and has come up with efficient solutions for that. They purify about 6000 cubic meters per day of wastewater at their knit dry houses. One of their main purposes is to help in the funding of schools. Until this moment the brand has funded five elementary schools in Nile Delta and Faiyum.

  1. Reformation


Reformation is a USA based brand that specializes in female clothing and cares for the detail. They are highly interested in the water, energy, and land usage and have creative solutions that lower the pollution and the climate impact. The brand has partnered up with several associations in order to put back some of the used resources. In exchange for the emissions, water, and waste, the brand protects 1,000 acres of the Amazonian forest from deforestation, buys landfill gas offsets, and contributes gallons of freshwater to dewatered rivers and wetlands in California. They try to produce most of their clothing articles from either plant-based tissues or recycled ones. Reformation recycles up to 75% of their garbage right now as their goal is to reach 85%. They have physical shops that work with low energy and a low carbon footprint. Also, 30% of their sale is from their website.

  1. Everlane


Everlane is also one of the best eco-friendly clothing brands in the world. The company is based in California, USA and works only with ethical factories providing good working conditions, normal hours, fair salaries, and treatment. To find them, they search all over the world, and according to the situation they give a certain score. The brand works only with factories scoring more than 90 out of 100. They create products with the mindset of being useful and beautiful for a long period of time. The unique thing about the brand is its transparency. It’s extremely important for them to inform their customers about the price of their purchase. No matter what it is, they believe everybody has the right to know what exactly he is buying and what did it really cost.

  1. Patagonia


Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand that grew out from a small company selling tools for climbers. Today they sell clothing for all kinds of outdoor activities and invest at least 1% of their income to grassroot organizations helping the planet. In 2016, they pledged 10 million of their Black Friday sales to such grassroots environmental groups. Their main goal is to create products that last for a long time. This is why the company has created repair centers all around the world in order to help its customers to preserve their articles. They use organic tissues and are fair trade certified in order to give their employees ethical working conditions.


So, these are some of the best eco-friendly clothing brands in the world. All these eco-friendly clothing companies are manufacturing affordable eco-friendly clothing to keep you stylish and the environment clean.

If you’re familiar with other brands, then do let me know in the comments below.

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