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How to Track How Much Time you Spent on YouTube

See how to track how much time you spend on YouTube. Here is a free Chrome extension is mentioned which can help you track how many minutes, hours, seconds, days you spend on YT



I don’t think that your day goes by without YouTube. In our daily life, we generally manage time to see videos for wentertainment on YouTube. But sometimes the videos are so obsessing that we start spending a lot of our time without worrying about other things. At some certain limit, it is OK. But if you are spending a lot of time then it’s not good. In that case, you should keep track of how much time you are spending on YouTube. And you can track that with the help of YouTube Tracker. YouTube Tracker is a Chrome extension that monitors your activity and shows them to you. It precisely counts the number of hours, minutes, seconds and even Milli seconds you spend on YouTube, watching videos.

YouTube Tracker is a simple extension that records the YouTube activities you do. It counts the number of videos you watch along with the time that you spend on those videos. Also, the extension is quite intelligent and it only counts the videos that you play actually. It doesn’t count the time that you waste in browsing the YouTube. And that is why this is a good extension to keep track of the time that you usually spend on YouTube. You can analyze the report that it generates and minimize the use of YouTube if it is excess.

How to Track How Much Time you Spent on YouTube?

Previously we have done some articles related to YouTube. For example, you can watch YouTube and read comments at the same time or you can see how to enable dark mode on YouTube. And just like that here I am mentioning one useful tool that you can use to track how much time you are spending on YouTube.

So without any doubt, go to the Chrome Web Store and install YouTube Tracker. After that, when it has installed, you can start using it. At first, it will not show any data but as you start using YouTube after installing this extension, it will start recording time that you spend on YouTube.

To see the report, you just have to click on the icon and then you can see the time that you have spent on YouTube. You can see, that it records the minutes, hours, days, and seconds. And that not only that, you can also see the number of videos you have played and watched.

YouTube tracker tracking time

There’s nothing very difficult in using this extension. If you want to see the data in the form of graphs and charts, then click on the icon and slept “Open chart” option. It will show the time that you have to spend on YouTube in a form of charts. You can analyze them and see if you are using YouTube too much. And if it is then, you can take further steps to minimize YouTube.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to control how much time you spend on YouTube then call YouTube Tracker. It will help you analyze how much time you usually spend on YouTube videos. And the report and generates can be analyzed to see if you are too much using YouTube. And if you think that it’s not good, that you can take some needed steps to reduce that.

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