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Free Torrent Downloader Software for Linux, MAC, Windows with Streaming and Torrent Search

Here is a Free Torrent Downloader Software for Linux, MAC, Windows with Streaming and Torrent Search. Use it in one click to watch videos and other stuff without downloading



Snape is a free torrent downloader software for Linux, Windows, and MAC. This is the unique software that you have ever used for torrenting. It comes with a built-in torrent search, streaming, and downloading capabilities. In the software, you can directly search for the desired torrent and start streaming it without downloading. Or, if you want to download a torrent then you can do that separately. You can search for photos and videos and directly stream them on your computer. However, if you have a different distro of Linux, then it may not work as it supposed to be. Overall it is simple and an average user can easily use on his computer.

For decades, we have been using a traditional approach when it comes to torrenting. We go to an online site to search a torrent and then retrieve the magnet link or the .torrent file. However, that has changed and Snape is the best example of that. You literally have to do nothing. Just open the software, search for the target torrent, and then either download it or start streaming it online. There is a built-in player in this software to see the videos. However, if you want, you can stream directly to VLC using this software.

Using Free Torrent Downloader Software for Linux, MAC, Windows with Streaming and Torrent Search:

As I said earlier that you do not have to do the heavy lifting for running Snape. You can download its prebuilt binary for your platform and start using it. If you are a Windows user then you will find the EXE file that you can download and run it.

The interface of the software is very simple. In the search box, you can type query to bring the video or anything you want to download. It shows 30 results by default. You can click on any and it will show you the option to play that video. Also, click on download button to save it on your computer easily.

snape search torrents and see the list

snape streaming

That’s all. There’s nothing more special about the software to describe here. You can simply use it to watch documentaries and other videos on torrent easily without downloading them. And you don’t have to do anything extra to make it work.

Download Snape from here

The Bottom Line:

Snape is really a useful software for Torrent lovers. It brings a whole different method to deal with the torrents. If you still use the old method to download the torrent and then watch them, then you need to change that now. And I am sure that Snape will help you do that. So, quickly grab Snape for whatever platform you are using right now and enjoy this new way of torrenting. Also, if you like torrents, then you will be happy to read how to download torrents anonymously.

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