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Black Youtube: YouTube has Hidden Dark mode, See How to Activate it

Want to make the interface of YouTube black? then have a look over here on this post and learn how to activate black YouTube mode on PC.



Just like me, do you also like to use dark mode on Facebook or YouTube? then I am sure that you will anything to make it happen. In case of YouTube, you usually see its bright interface which is uncomfortable for eyes in the night. It’s a good idea to convert the bright interface of YouTube to dark. And trust me, the black YouTube looks much compelling than it looks in white. This post will enlighten with how to activate dark mode in YouTube to make it black. There is a very straightforward extension from Chrome, YouTube Dark Mode that you can use to make YouTube black. You can activate the dark mode in YouTube whenever you want. However, the extension will not work on other sites except YouTube.

YouTube Dark Mode extension darkens the native white background of YouTube. Also, the extension can toggle the interface of YouTube in two modes with a simple click. So, whenever you think of converting the native white background, then this extension is all you need. All you have to do is to invoke it and it will immediately turn the white background of YouTube to black. You will enjoy black YouTube and if you use TurnOffTheLights extension along with it, then it will feel beyond awesome.

How to Activate Black YouTube Mode on Your PC?

YouTube Dark Mode extension is really a nice tool to make black YouTube. It doesn’t come with other options and it excites some people and that’s why I have chosen this topic.

Without wasting so much of your time, first of all, install YouTube Dark Mode in Chrome. After that its icon gets to sit on the toolbar. You can access it from there. Just open YouTube, click on extension’s icon and see the magic. All the white color in the background will be converted to black. You will enjoy the black YouTube and it won’t hurt your eyes. Also, if you are done with the YouTube’s dark mode, you can turn it off by just clicking on the extension’s icon again.

This way, you activate black YouTube mode on your PC. If you like dark mode of YouTube, keep it for a longer time as long as you want.


YouTube Dark Mode is a very intelligent piece of work and the way it activates black YouTube mode, it has won my heart. Before this, I have tried to use night mode in Chrome, but this is a really awesome tool. It is best suited for people who watch YouTube on their PCs.

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