How to Surf Websites in Dark Mode/Night Mode in Microsoft Edge

After browsing websites in night mode in Chrome, you may have thought if you can use that feature in Microsoft Edge too. Microsoft edge is an evolving browser nowadays and I personally use it more often than Google Chrome and here I will tell you how to surf websites in night mode or dark mode in Microsoft Edge. There is an extension for Microsoft edge that you can add in it to achieve dark mode for websites. That Microsoft Edge extension is known as TrueDarkMode. This is an unofficial extension that works fine in Microsoft Edge for night mode purpose.

TrueDarkMode is a simple extension you can use. Just install it and start browsing websites. However, it is in in beta stage and thus supports a limited number of websites. You can only view Wikipedia, GitHub, Buzzfeed, NYTimes, and WhatsApp web. In the coming updates, you will be able to browse every website in dark mode in Microsoft Edge.

How to Surf Websites in Dark Mode/Night Mode in Microsoft Edge?

The extensions for Microsoft edge are commonly available on Microsoft store. But this extension hasn’t made it to the store yet, so you will have to install it explicitly in Microsoft Edge.

At very first, download the zip archive of TrueDarkMode. After that, extract it using any ZIP opener like 7Zip or WinZip.

Now, open Microsoft Edge and then in the address bar type: “about:flags”. After that, enable the option ” enable extensions developer features”. Now, you have to restart Microsoft Edge.

microsoft Edge enabling extension developer mode

Make sure the extension you have downloaded is ready. Now, from the sidebar go to the Extensions section and you will see “Load extension” button. Click this button to load extension by using the src directory of the ZIP archive that you have extracted. The extension will be installed then. You will be able to see its icon in the extensions list.

microsoft edge install extension developer mode

Now, you can start opening any website that it supports. For example, see the below snapshot of GitHub in full dark mode. And similarly, other websites will be supported in future.

github in night mode

The Bottom Line

I really don’t like the brightness of the web pages. So, I was using the dark reader Chrome extension for some time. But now Microsoft Edge is my favorite browser right now, so I was looking for ways to make websites darker in it. And I eventually found one that I have shared with you people.

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