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Software to Write and Learn Stenography for Free

Plover is a free software, which allows you to write and learn Stenography without even using an actual stenographic keyboard.



Plover is a free software, which allows you to write and learn Stenography, mainly knows as shorthand writing. Plover lets you write in Stenography without even using an actual stenographic keyboard. You can write in shorthand using your normal keyboard only. It allows a user to type at speed of over 200 words per minute.

But in order to learn stenography through a keyboard, you need to have basic typing skills. Stenography is an ancient art of writing long words into small symbols. As this art got computerized, instead of writing a symbol, the whole word is written just by pressing some keys together. It creates a virtual keyboard on your PC’s keyboard, because of which you can use it like a stenographic keyboard.

How to Write and Learn Stenography?

As mentioned above, it converts your PC’s keyboard into a stenographic keyboard because of which it works just like a stenographic keyboard. As a stenographic keyboard has very less number of keys as compared to a PC keyboard. So, those buttons are of no use, automatically gets disabled.

The switch between PC keyboard and stenographic keyboard can be done very easily. Just after installing Plover, you’ll see a box through which you can do that.

You can also use an actual steno keyboard is you have one, just click on configure and you can see the machine output options provided there.

Stentura is the main machine which is used for writing in shorthand or Stenography. Writing shorthand on a keyboard can be difficult as the keys are far as it’s not designed for using it as a shorthand writing device. So, writing through Stentura is advisable as it far more easy than using an actual keyboard.

Why Use Plover?

  • Let’s you write in Stenography.
  • Teaches how to write Stenography.
  • Easy to use interface.


Writing in shorthand is now in trend and for a kind of job where you are supposed to write fast, stenography is very important. Plover is very easy to use but learning stenography is very hard. So, you have to spend a lot of time in learning it. Overall this is a very useful software and can be used by everyone. It’s easy to use interface makes it better than other software and adding Stentura features, makes it the best.

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