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Top 4 Online Pill Reminder Services to Get Email Reminders

In this post, we will see top 4 online pill reminder services to get email reminders for taking pills on time and never miss medication.



In this post, we will see top 4 online pill reminder services to get email reminders for taking pills on time. These websites are very convenient to use and provide pill reminder email service for free. Basically, these pill reminder websites send you an email reminder according to the preset time.

This list includes 2 websites that are totally meant for medical pill reminder services, one website basically deals in pet pill reminders which can be easily used to get pill reminder emails. As you know there are many internet based reminder services and so we can use them also to get pill reminder emails. So, the last one is basically an internet based reminder service which can be used for getting pill reminder emails.

Most common problem with patients is that they tend to forget to take pills on time and that is what makes it longer for them to recover. With these pill reminder websites, patients get email reminders to take pills and therefore don’t forget their medication.


MyMedSchedule is a very useful website to get pill reminder emails. It is a very simple website to use and has three steps to set up your own reminder. It allows you to select a medication from a very long list of medication. If your medication is not listed on their list then you also get to add your medication to that list along with its StrengthForm, and Purpose.

To get pill reminder emails, first you need to register on this website, then the website sends you a test email to check the MyMedSchedule reminder system. Then you are directed to set up your own pill reminder, it consists of 3 simple steps. They are:

  • Step 1: Here you can create MyMedSchedule List by entering the name of all the medications you need to take. This list is like your virtual prescription.
  • Step 2: This one requires you to select times and quantities for each medication on your list. Here you can also set refill reminders for each medication.
  • Step 3: Here you need to click on Remind Me option to select Email option for getting pill reminders and then enter your email on which you want to get reminder emails. It also has the option to get text reminders, however, I was not able to make it work. It also allows you to add instructions for taking each medicine in the Instruction tab. You can even print your virtual prescription from here.

After completing these 3 steps you need to click on Save Schedule to complete the reminder setup process. After that, you will start getting pill reminder emails based on the preset time.


RxPense-Alert is another website that is totally meant for getting pill reminder emails. It also provides text reminders, unfortunately getting pill reminder text is a paid service on this website. However, you can get pill reminder emails for free. Further, you need to click on Email under Notification Type to avail this free service.


You can start by registering on this website and after that, you need to click on New Reminder option to add your own reminder. For that, you will need to assign a title for the reminder. Then you will need to choose whether you want a daily reminder, or you just want a one-time reminder. Next, you need to set the time for the reminder email, you can even add multiple time to get multiple reminders for the day. You can also select weekdays on which you want reminder emails. Lastly, you need to add the medication name and quantity to the reminder. You can also add multiple medications with each reminder. After that, you need to click on Set Reminder option and you will start getting reminder emails at the preset time.

My Pet Reminders:

My Pet Reminder is a yet another website to get pill reminder emails. This website is basically for pet reminders, however, it can be easily used to get pill reminder emails. You don’t even need to register with this website, you can simply go on to the link provided in the beginning and set up your reminder by filling the reminder form.

The form includes the following fields:

  • Email: Simply enter your email address and repeat it as required.
  • Pet name: You can use it to fill the patient’s name.
  • Species: Here, you can select Others from the drop-down to keep things simple.
  • Reminder For: Again, you need to select Others from this drop-down menu.
  • Custom Reminder Name: You can give any title for your reminder or you can simply write Pill Reminder to keep things simple.
  • Frequency: Here you get to set the frequency of email reminder you want to get.
  • Begin Reminder: Set the date on which you want to start getting reminders. You can set the date here, however, this website doesn’t allow you to set the time of getting reminders.
  • End Reminders: It has 3 default option to choose from. They are; NeverAfter, and On. choose Never, if you don’t want the reminder emails to stop. If you want to end email reminder after a fixed number of occurrences, then you can simply enter the number of occurrences after selecting After. If you precisely want to stop the email reminders on a certain date, then select On and set the date.

After filling the setup form, you need to submit it to get the reminder emails.


MemoToMe is a simple website that provides reminder service. It can be used to get any type of email reminders for free. This website requires a sign up first to avail its services. After signing in, you need to select any frequency under Create A New Reminder section. And a new Add Reminder page opens, where you need to fill the reminder setup form.

The form has the following sections to fill:

  • Description: You can give a little description of the pill reminder here.
  • Event Schedule: You need to set the time of email reminder under this section. It also has the option to select the days of the week on which you want the reminder email. If you want to temporarily disable email reminders, then there is an option for that too.
  • Final Reminder: You can choose to get a final reminder by setting a certain amount of time before the event time.
  • Warning Reminders: It also allows you to set time for getting warning reminder emails if you want.
  • Additional Notes: You can provide any additional notes of the reminder in here.

After finishing the above sections, you need to click on save to get email reminders. And you will automatically get pill reminder emails on preset time.


All of these online pill reminder services are easily capable of sending you pill reminder emails. However, I personally felt that MyMedSchedule is more elaborate and descriptive. It literally allows you to create your own virtual Prescription.

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