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Online Infographics Maker with Stunning Predefined Templates

In this post, you will learn about an online infographics maker that comes with hundreds of stunning predefined templates to choose from.



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In this post, we will talk about an online infographics maker with stunning predefined templates. We now know that visual content is the type of content that is liked and consumed faster than text alone. Most of the useful, shareable, high-quality, fun online content is now available in a visual format for this reason. We started to see infographics, e-books and entertaining social media images very often. However, it is tough to create compelling visual content, especially for those who do not know design and technical skills.

If you don’t own a graphic designer and you want to create your visual content effortlessly, go to find some graphic tools for help. In this article below, I will talk about an online free tool that you can use to extract such a resource. It’s DesignCap Infographic Maker.

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Overview of DesignCap Infographics Maker:

infographics maker

DesignCap allows you to create many visual contents such as presentations, infographics, reports, blog images, social media images, restaurant menu, invitations for free. Of course, there are also premium templates. Apart from that, you can also use its stock images, icons, charts, and maps to create your content. After completing your work, you can share and publish it.

Here I’d love to say that DesignCap is a handy tool that offers a compact solution to infographics. First of all, you can select the template you want to use. After choosing the template, you can use the stock images or upload your pictures and make some adjustments to all the elements in the design. You can use free items such as background, fonts, and modules provided by DesignCap by merely clicking on the one you are liking. After completing all the pages, you can download your design in PDF (standard format or ready-to-print format), JPG, or PNG or share it anywhere you want with the sharing URL.

How to Make an Infographic Online:

make infographics online

After clicking on the “Get Started Now” button at its homepage of DesignCap, you will be directed to the template page. Here are thousands of templates divided into many different categories. Choose Infographic and go the editing canvas. Actually, you can choose either blank or ready-made templates. If you want to select a ready-made template, you can also make changes. I’m going to talk about its tools to customize your infographic one by one.

1. Elements

You can select and use the geometric shapes, lines, and millions of online icons you want from this area. You can search for the icon you want from Icons -> “Search millions of icons now,” or you can make use of the categories directly below it. Once you choose an element, adjust its size, color, position, opacity, etc.

2. Photos and Uploads

Just like the icons, DesignCap allows you to search for pictures online from its millions of stock images. If you have a visual you want to upload for yourself, you can click the “UPLOADS” tab and upload your image from local folders.

3. Chart

infographics chart

You can add your data into a chart such as a table, pie, column, dynamic map, etc. from the “Charts” field. Then you can adjust the rates you want to enter here and select your designs as you wish. For example, you can make the view settings from the “Settings” section by choosing the map of the desired location from the “Maps” section. DesignCap gives users the option to import data directly from files of XLS, XLSX, and CSV.

4. Text

In this section, you can choose the character of your article, and prepare your content by choosing from the many preset text styles. As with every process, you can achieve it with a simple click or double clicks.

5. Modules

To get a quick personal touch, use the preset modules. Once you pick a module template, you can change the text and image to make it your own.

6. Background

You can choose a suitable image pattern for your design from the ready-made list, and you can also change the background using color or your image.

Finally, you can complete your information by clicking the “Save” button at the top. Or download it on your computer as image format. To me, I love the URL produced by the app, with which I can share the infographic anywhere online I want.


For those who want to quickly design beautiful and practical infographics for their websites or blog, but don’t have any idea about how to make it, go for DesignCap. It’s an ideal tool.

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