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How to Get “View Image” Button Back on Google Images Search Results

See how to bring back “View Images” button back on google images search results. Use the simple trick mentioned here and get the discontinued View Images back in action in a few seconds



It’s been since quite a while that Google discontinued the “View Image” button. At some point the decision to discontinue the button is right but it is still needed in some cases. And to bring it back is not that difficult now. That is why today I will tell you how to get “View Image” button back on Google images results page. There is a handy Chrome extension which you can install and get the legendary “View Image” button back in the search results. You literally have nothing to do the heavy lifting to achieve this. Just install the extension and forget it.

Recently Google disabled the view image button on the images search results page. The idea behind this was to protect the copyrighted content. However, in some cases, you need those images in full resolution and that requires “View Image” button to be there. And the extension, Google image view button exactly does the same. It brings back the “View Image” button and you can click on it to see the images in full resolution so that you can save it on your computer.

How to Get “View Image” Button Back on Google Images Search Results?

Google-images-view-button is currently an open source Chrome extension and it is not available in the store right now. That is why you have to install it manually. To install this extension manually, open the extensions page. You can reach there by typing “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar. After the extension page appears, click on the Developer mode and then on ” Load unpacked extension” button.

load extension

A dialogue box will appear and you have to locate the folder which contains the extension. When you download the repository of the extension from GitHub. You can extract it and while loading the extension, you can specify the ‘src” folder of the extension. When the extension has successfully installed, you can see its toolbar icon. Now, you can open Google images search results. And you will notice that the “View Image” button is back in action now.

bring back view images button on google

You can see the before-after comparison of the Google image search results. Also, the new View Image button functions in the same way the legendary view image button used to do. Clicking on the button will open the image in new tab and you can see it. However, I would like to draw your attention to the copyrighted content. Do not use the images which are copyrighted or download them. The extension was created to see images which are free to use for educational and other personal purposes.

The Bottom Line

At first, I was a little disappointed when I heard the news that Google disables the “View Image” button. But later, I realized that the decision was right but still there is a need for that button for some people. That is why I started looking to find something that could bring that back. And eventually, I ended up on this GitHub repository that I have used above. So, if you are one of those, looking for ways to bring back the “View Image” button then go ahead and give it a try.

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