Mozilla Firefox Based Browser with Processor Based Optimization

CyberFox Browser is a free Mozilla Firefox based browser with processor based optimization. The interface, menus, shortcut keys and other various features are almost same as in Firefox. It has some more features than Firefox, like controlling the opened web pages and highly customizable user interface. It uses very fewer system resources like RAM and Processor even when you have opened multiple tabs at the same time.

CyberFox Browser is available in Setup as well as in Portable version. The browser is optimized for processors like Intel and AMD for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. You can download and use the desired one from the link provided at the bottom of this post as per your system configuration.

It also supports many extensions and plugins as same as Firefox does. As it is a multi-tabbed browser, so you can open multiple tabs at once and can close all the opened tabs with one single command. When you run it for the first time, it asks you to import the data from Chrome, Firefox, or from Internet Explorer.

Similar to BriskBard, CyberFox is also a feature rich web browser and it supports many other useful features as compared to Firefox. Here are some of its useful features similar to Firefox and some other features.

  • You can import/export settings in TXT or JSON
  • Customize Tabs, Tab Colors and Text for various types of states of tabs, for e.g. selected, hovered, default, unloaded, and unread tabs.
  • You can email link of a current web page opened via email from default email client by clicking Email Link of CyberFox Menu or from File Menu.
  • Its configuration file: About: Config can be open easily by right clicking on its main toolbar.
  • You can synchronize your Bookmarks, Preferences, Tabs, History, Passwords, and Add-Ons across all of your devices by creating or managing Sync account with CyberFox. You can also sync your existing Firefox account with it for the same items as stated.

firefox based browser

  • As it is highly customizable, so you can customize its general settings like Default Search Engine, Default Home Page URL, Block Pop-ups automatically or not, Applications to handle different type of web media.
  • It’s security settings are also similar to Firefox, like: Warn or not when sites try to install add-ons, Block reported attack sites, Disable/Enable flash player protection mode, Remember or not to remember logins and passwords, Use of a master password, and much more.
  • You can save any web page in HTM, HTML (web page complete or web page HTML only), and in TXT or TEXT format.
  • Touch keyboard if available is also supported.
  • As a privacy feature, it also lets you clear browsing History by deleting it using key combination of Ctrl + Shift + Del (similar to Firefox) keys from your keyboard.
  • You can control the automatic loading of pictures or images on the web.

Final Words:

CyberFox is a really fast and useful Firefox based browser and its uses very fewer system resources like RAM and Processor. Also, its customization feature helps users to control its interface and behavior. The processor based optimization is a plus.



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