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Dominator Protects your Privacy and Blocks Windows 10 Telemetry

See how Dominator protects your privacy and blocks Windows 10 telemetry. Use the guide here and stop Windows 10 from collecting information



A lot of users use Windows 10 right now. No doubt that Windows 10 ships with a lot of features that people really like. But on the other hand, there are some things that end user does not know such as the telemetry service in Windows 10. Though Microsoft doesn’t hide it but still, a lot of people don’t know what the telemetry in Windows 10 is. The telemetry service in Windows 10 collects some user data for the advancement of the Windows 10 in future updates. This includes your location. Your browsing behavior, the keystrokes you type, the ads you see, the way you use the search bar, new things you try on Cortana and others.

Windows 10 collects All the above-mentioned things without the user knowing. In short, your privacy is compromising when Windows 10 is using your information this way. So, what you can do it simply disable the telemetry services in Windows 10. And for that I will tell you how to disable Windows 10 telemetry and protect your privacy. Here I will introduce a free and open source tool called Dominator. This simple piece of software can disable a lot of features of Windows 10 which are responsible for collecting user data.

How to Protect your Privacy and Block Windows 10 Telemetry via Dominator?

I have already stated that Dominator is an open source tool. And the best it can do is block Windows 10’s data collection feature. You don’t have to install it; you can run it from a USB stick.

So. download the binary exe file of Dominator and then run the application as administrator. That is not complicated. Press right click by hovering over the icon of application and then select run as administrator option.

The user interface of the software will appear. As you scroll through the window, you will see a lot of options to disable some features that connect your data. Some of the options which are present in the software are:

  • Disabling web results in the search box.
  • Let apps access your ad id.
  • Log keystrokes.
  • Collect telemetry data.
  • Show Skype advertisement.
  • Turn on SmartScreen filter.
  • Allow the computer to connect to Microsoft telemetry servers.
  • Send your writing information to Microsoft.

Dominator Protects your Privacy and Blocks Windows 10 Telemetry

Above you can see what are the different options available in the Dominator to disable Windows 10 telemetry services. You can easily disable each option according to your well and the corresponding feature will be disabled. It not only stops here, if in future you feel the deal options should be enabled then you can enable them.

Download Dominator for Windows 10

The Bottom Line:

As a Windows 10 user, I wouldn’t allow any app or service to collect my data. Since Windows 10 sends user data in the background for research and other purposes, then you can make it stop. And Dominator is the tool that you need. It will definitely help you keep your privacy safe when you are using Windows 10.

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