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Monitor Website Changes with These Free Website Monitor Services

In this post, we will talk about four free online website monitor services to monitor website changes. Get alerted for any changes occur on your website.



In this post, we will talk about four free website monitor services to monitor website changes. If any hyperlink, text content, image, or any other content is removed or updated with new content in a particular web page/website, these websites will alert you.

This helps to easily keep track of your favorite websites for changes. Most of these websites are helpful to send you email alerts for changes. Some of these websites let you view old and updated content together.

Let’s have a look at these free web page/website monitor websites one by one.


Versionista is the best online service in this list to monitor website changes. It comes with a unique feature that it can show changes comparison with five different view modes. You can go for side-by-side viewing comparison, single page, extracted text, changes only, and raw HTML viewing comparison. Apart from this unique feature, it also helps to apply filters to monitor required website. For example, you can ignore bottom 25% of the web page, ignore HTML changes, content changes, etc. from monitor process.

Changes or updates are shown in highlighted color. Older content is shown either in red color or without highlight, depends on selected view comparison mode.

You need to create a free account with this website to monitor changes for web pages. Total 5 different web pages changes can be monitored with this free version. If you want, you can also enable “email notifications” feature to send you an email alert for changes.

After creating your account, simply enter website URL, and it will show you changes. Changes are monitored regularly after 4 hours.


ChangeDetection is another very useful service to monitor website changes to a particular website or webpage. The unique feature of this website is that it shows new content and older content together. New content is shown in yellow color and older content with Strikethrough effect. It provides email notifications to alert you of changes. Links to view those changes is also provided in email alerts.

On the main homepage of your account, it shows a summary of changes, including most recent changes. For each change, it provides View Changes link that helps to view old and updated content simultaneously.

To monitor a web page/website URL, enter the address, and your email address at required boxes. After this, whenever there will be any changes in that specific web page content, an email alert will be sent to you.

Follow That Page

Follow That Page is another easy to use service that helps to view changes of a particular web page directly in email alerts. In each email alert, it shows new content added to a web page which could be anything, like images, hyperlinks, and text. At the bottom part of that email alert, it shows removed content list.

Follow That Page helps to apply filters for monitor process. Using filters, you can match lines with exact keywords or skip a particular line with particular keywords.

You first need to sign up with required email address and password. After this, you can add needed web pages to detect changes. Whenever a change happens to the added web pages, it will automatically alert you, and also keep a record of each change for later use.

With your free account, you can monitor 20 web pages per day. To extend this limit, paid account is required.


WatchThatPage comes with a feature to keep a full record of different websites on your account. Another useful feature of this website is that it lets you view changes for a particular date and time. It also keeps a historical record of monitoring web pages. Moreover, it also provides details about broken links. This helps to find out new updated links which are currently working or not.

This website also comes with keyword matching feature. This feature is very helpful to keep an eye of whether you want to monitor whole web page or some required area with exact words.

monitor website changes

Once you register with this website, it provides email notifications of web page changes in registered email address. Notifications can be updated on a daily basis or weekly basis. But the interesting part is that you can also add update time to generate a fresh report for web page changes (if any).

You can monitor multiple numbers of pages from this website. However, if you exceed a set limit, you will receive notification from the website about your usage limit.


First two websites, Versionista and ChangeDetection, are the most efficient websites in this list. And among these two websites, I personally find Versionista more useful, because it comes with different view modes to monitor web page changes. These are the perfect website monitor services for you to monitor website changes.

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