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How to Redact PDF Online to Hide Sensitive Information Before Sharing it

Wanna share a PDF file publicly, but don’t’ want to show all information? Then use the tool discussed here to redact PDF online. Also, remove pages, rotate.



Sometimes you may run into a situation where you have to share some of your personal files with someone. If you want that person shouldn’t see some of the information from the file, then you can use a very handy method which is called “Redact”. Redacting a document means blacking out some of the information from it, so the other person will only see the relevant information that he needs. And how to that is what I will tell you here. Here I will discuss how to redact PDF online. To do this, I will use a free or tennis which calls itself PDFzorro. This is the website will take the file from you and then you will able to edit in real time. You will see a very similar tool to redact PDF there that you can use to black out sensitive information from the PDF.

PDFzorro no doubt is a very good online PDF editor that you can use. The website works pretty fast and smooth when it comes to editing a PDF file. Although it also offers other features that you can use to edit a PDF file in various ways. But redacting PDF feature is what I found very useful of this online PDF editor. Alternatively, you can also use PDF anti-copy software to protect some of the PDF pages.

How to Redact PDF Online?

If you are familiar with handling some online services then you will find PDFzorro a very good website to redact PDF. You can easily black out the sensitive information from the PDF file. And also, you can use different colors to hide the information on a specific page of a PDF file. Additionally, it also lets you remove some pages from the PDF file that you want to redact. This is useful if you don’t want to share the whole page with the person.

To get started, first open the homepage of PDFzorro in your browser. Next, use the upload button to upload the file on its server. After your file has uploaded, click on Start the editor button.

pdfzorro upload pdf

When the PDF editor has opened, you can choose the page of the PDF file from the left side which you want to redact. After selecting the page move to the tools and find the rectangle tool. Now draw a solid rectangle over the data that you want to hide. Note that, by default the color is black, but you can also use a different color for the solid rectangle to hide the data.

pdf redacted done

After you have hidden all the data then you can save the PDF. From the left side where it shows the preview of the PDF file, you can also choose to remove certain pages from it or even rotate the pages. So, after you are done hiding the sensitive information that you don’t want to see simply hit the ‘Finish / Download’ button. Your file will be downloaded on your computer and then you can share it with anyone you want.


Sometimes we have a need to share a PDF, but we don’t want to share all of the data from it. And that’s a PDFzoro comes useful. You can easily hide or blackout data from desired PDF file by simply redacting it. PDFzorro is really a very good tool to redact PDF online.

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