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How to Hide Facebook Posts from Specific Friends

In this post, we will see how to hide Facebook posts from specific friends. You can choose multiple users from whom you can hide your posts on Facebook.



In this post, I will explain how to hide Facebook posts from specific friends. There are times when we all want to post something on Facebook, and at the same time, we are worried that some of our friends or family members must not see the post. Well, then the earlier solution for that was to block the specific friends such that they can’t see your post. But, that ship has sailed. Facebook has now introduced a new feature using which you can hide the posts from specific friends before posting them.

The feature which you can use to do the same is actually called “Friends Except” that you will find under the “Privacy” settings of a post. While creating a post, you can choose this privacy option and then select specific users from whom you to hide your post, as simple as that.

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How to Hide Facebook Posts from Specific Friends:

Step 1: After opening your Facebook account, click on the post input field where it says “What’s on your mind?”. Then you can create a post by typing anything you want or adding a photo, video, etc. which you don’t want specific friends to see.

Step 2: When you’re done with creating a post, click on the “Privacy” drop down menu. Now, on the privacy settings list, you will see an option as “Friends Except”.

Step 3: Click on the “Friends Except” option and then a small window will appear where you will be able to select the specific friends from whom you want to hide the post. To select a friend for hiding the post, you can click on the “-” icon on the right of that user.

Step 4: When you are done selecting specific friends, click on the “Save Changes” button to apply the privacy settings. Now, you can submit the post on Facebook and the users whom you have blacklisted for that particular post will not be able to see that post on their timeline.


This is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to hide Facebook posts from specific friends. No more worrying about your personal posts from being visible to some of your family members or friends on Facebook. So, start posting anything you want on Facebook and also hide them from specific users with ease.

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