Email Notifier Software for PC to Notify About Gmail, Outlook.com Emails

techconnecto Email Notifier Software for PC to Notify About Gmail, Outlook.com Emails

Using email clients to manage your emails is quite normal but in case you only need a software to only notify you about the incoming emails, then email clients will not fit in. In that scenario, you need some other software or tool which is meant to only notify about incoming emails. And having other features in that software will be a bonus. Well, there is a one email notifier software for PC to notify about Gmail, Outlook.com emails. The software about which I am going to write about is known as Gmail Notifier Pro and it works as one of the best Gmail, Outlook.com, Facebook, Twitter notifier for a Windows PC.

Gmail Notifier Pro is actually a paid software but you can use it for free if you are going to use it for personal use. There is no limitation in that. The software is very powerful to show you email notifications in a notification balloon at the bottom right side of your desktop. And in the notification balloon, it shows the name of the sender, subject of email, first line of the email message. In addition to that, you can also navigate through all the other unread emails in your inbox.

How to use this Email Notifier Software for PC to Notify About Gmail, Outlook.com Emails?

Gmail Notifier Pro makes it pretty easy to see incoming new email notifications. And the best part is it also shows the count of unread emails on its icon in the system tray. You can always keep track of how many emails you have pending to read. Also, you can bring back the notification balloon if you want to see previous notifications. Apart from just notifying about new incoming emails, the software also allows you to send replies to the emails you have received so far. And hence, the software can also work as an email client. The beauty of the software not only finishes here. You can also add multiple accounts in it and around different services. And they will work altogether.

Gmail Notifier Pro works with IMAP and to make it work, you have to make sure that you have enabled the IMAP access in your email account. By default, IMAP is enabled but still, you have to make sure that it is. And if you are using Gmail, you will have to allow access to less secure apps in the security section as well.

Now let’s go through the following steps to see how Gmail Notifier Pro works.

Step 1: Run the software and configure your email account in it. To do that, click on the Options button and Options window will open up. Next, in the Accounts section, click on Add button to add a Gmail account.

Setup account in gmail notifier pro

Step 2: After adding the account it will take some time to sync and when its done it will start working. Now, whenever when an email will arrive, you will see the desktop notification like this.

gmail notifier pro notification

Step 3: You can navigate through all the emails from the notification balloon. You can double-click on its tray icon to open its main window to see all emails. Also, you can respond to them one by one.

gmail notifier pro respond to emails

That’s all folks! This is how Gmail Notifier Pro works. After using this email notification software you will not miss any email notification again. Apart from all this, if you like to use more security in your Gmail account, you can use end to end encryption in Gmail.

Download Gmail Notifier Pro from here.

Bottom Lines:

Gmail Notifier Pro very nice email notifier software for PC to notify about Gmail, Outlook.com emails. But what I really like about it is that it works with social media sites as well. There can be many needs of using an email notifier software. So, whatever is yours, you can start using Gmail notifier Pro now. It won’t let you down.