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Let Your Friends Send Anonymous Text Message to You via Sarahah

Sarahah will let your friends send anonymous text message to you. Start using it now to encourage your teammates, talk to your loved ones.



Very recently a Saudi Arabian app, Sarahah banged the app store with 300 million downloads. Although it comes for Android and iOS, you can also use it on its web app. What it actually does is pretty simple. It lets you create an account on its website with your username as its sub domain. After that, you can share that sub domain URL with your friends and when they will open that URL, they will see a messaging interface there. They can leave a message and the best part is that your friend’s identity will remain completely hidden from you. It’s totally anonymous and you will get a lot of sweet and awesome messages describing you. And that’s what will I will explain here. I will tell you how to let your friends send anonymous text messages to you via Sarahah.

Sarahah is growing with a lot of people daily. People are sharing their Sarahah URL’s everywhere on Facebook, Twitter etc. And actually, it’s amazing that you can send an anonymous message to anyone telling them how you feel and also it will be a great platform to motivate your team mates or juniors. It is very easy to use and manage it.

How to Let Your Friends Send Anonymous Text Message to You via Sarahah?

Sarahah is growing rapidly across the social networking platforms. A lot of people are using it and receiving a lot of messages from their friends and other people. In so many cases, it’s better than anonymous email that takes quite a long time to send a message.

So, let’s get started with Sarahah. Open Sarahah’s website and then register a free account. For the registering process specify your email ID, username, and password. After successful registration, you will be redirected to its main interface. Next, you can set up a profile by adding a suitable photo.

Do note that the username that you have specified during the registration process will be your subdomain that you can share with your friends. For example, if you specified your username as ABCD, then the subdomain you will share to your friends will be “”. You can share this to your friends and they will use it as a URL. When they will open that URL in the browser, they will see your message box where they can leave a text message for you.

sarahah send anonymous text message

After your friends have sent you messages, you can see them all by signing in to your account. You will see the list of all the messages that your friends have sent you so far. You can read them all and do whatever you want. However, you cannot respond to the messages right now. Currently, the Sarahah developers are looking for it. In addition to that, you can also mark messages as your favorites and report abusive or irrelevant messages to Sarahah community.

sarahah recieved anonymous text message

That’s it! This is all about Sarahah. If you like it and want to use this service then go for it, the road is open.

Bottom lines:

Sarahah is a very nice website to let your friends and others send anonymous text messages to you. You will like it for the simplicity and easiness that it offers. You can use it for various purposes. Not only your positive sides but also you will get to know your dark sides from some people. And it is helpful as you will get a chance to know more about yourself, what people think of you behind your back.

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