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Top 6 DVD Player Software for Windows 10

Today, we will talk about top 6 DVD player software for Windows 10. You can use these DVD players to play DVD videos or movies on your PC.



Today, we will talk about top 6 DVD player software for Windows 10. You can use these DVD players to play DVD videos or movies on your Windows 10 desktop, portable PC or even tablet, on the off chance that you associate an optical drive to the device. DVDs are practically overrun by time, perceiving how now there are HD and Blu-Rays web-based streaming that is accessible. But, in the event that regardless you have your own collection of DVDs and you’d like to play them on your Windows 10 PC, then you will require a software installed from the list underneath on your device.

We should take a look at these DVD player software beneath.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the primary DVD player software that I’m specifying in light of the fact that is the best one which I use personally. The users who have known about it or utilize it likely realize that there’s significantly more which VLC can do, it’s not just limited to playing DVDs.

Video streaming, playing audio music, DVB-T/S channel viewing, and desktop recording are some of the other alternate functionalities of VLC. To the extent DVDs go, you can utilize VLC to run DVDs like you would on a genuine or actual DVD player. You can also play subtitles, access the menus, run diverse soundtracks, critique, the works. The disadvantage of VLC is that the default interface is somewhat obsolete.


5KPlayer is a free media player like VLC. But it has a better-designed interface and delegate video quality.

5k player

This tool plays any DVD movies from all regions, homemade discs, VOB, Video_ts, IOS images, DVD folders, 360 degrees, and 3D DVD playback fluently. What’s better, it also supports DVD content AirPlay streaming to HDTV. You can also watch 4K videos and download YouTube videos with this program. Both Windows and Mac computers are supported.

GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is one of the media players that I have used previously before changing to the one that I’m presently using i.e. VLC.

GOM has a standout interface out of all the DVD player software for Windows 10 that I tried. It played my DVD fine and dandy, including the menus, albeit it required extra codecs to be downloaded all together for the audio to work. You can right-click any place on the video to get to the DVD controls for sections, subtitles, soundtracks, and so forth.


UMPlayer is much the same as VLC, stuffed with loads of features. It can play both audio and videos. When playing DVDs, I couldn’t stack up the DVD menu for reasons unknown, the program went straight to playing the video.

Once you’re in the video, you have to right-click to change soundtracks, stack up subtitles, alter video settings, switch between sections, and so forth. UMPlayer has a more cleaned up interface, somewhat superior to the one offered by VLC.


What astounded me about the KMPlayer is the manner by which quickly it loaded and played the DVD that I utilized. I would set out to state that it was considerably quicker than VLC, yet they are quite the same.

The interface is like the one offered by GOM, perhaps somewhat better, and much modern looking. The DVD menu begins playing immediately. I simply needed to change the aspect ratio to 16:9, other than that it worked just fine. Once more, right-click to get to the DVD menu while the video is playing and to change the other video settings.

Media Player Home Classic

On the off chance that you have K-Lite Codec Pack installed on your PC, you most likely as of now have this last DVD player that I’m specifying installed on your PC.

DVD player software

Media Player Classic has essentially everything that other DVD players here in this post have, just it’s stuffed in a more thinned down bundle. The interface is like the one of the VLC, and everything works truly quick. Menus, sections, subtitles, soundtracks, everything is effortlessly alterable. Media Player resembles VLC without all the super propelled features.


I at present use the VLC Media Player, however, to disclose to you the reality you can’t turn out badly regardless of which one of the 6 DVD player software you pick. Tell me what you think by leaving a remark down in the comments.

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