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Music Player Which Shows Lyrics With the Song, Sync Lyrics With MP3

Wouldn’t it be nice that you get a chance to listen to your songs & seeing the lyrics on screen? Yes? then see this free music player which shows lyrics.



Listening to your favorite music on PC is very common. But, wouldn’t it be nice that you get a chance to listen to your music while seeing the lyrics on the screen? Don’t worry, it doesn’t that hard now. And that’s why today I will tell you about a free music player which shows lyrics with the song. The music player to which I will introduce here calls itself GOM Audio. It is a very awesome music player that you can use to listen to songs and its sync lyrics feature is mind blowing. It can show you lyrics with the line of the song you are listening. This is its sync lyrics feature and you will like it.

If you are a Windows user and more often use Windows Media Player to listen to songs, then GOM Audio will be the complete replacement for that. It is not only available for PC but if you have an Android phone, then you can also take advantage of it as its app is available on Play Store. The Android app of GOM Audio works in the same way as its PC version does.

There are some other features in the music player like a sound equalizer to give you the sound quality you want, good playlist editor, shuffle songs by album art, different player skins, listen to popular podcasts by streaming or downloading, and no doubt the lyrics syncing feature. All these features are available in the PC version as well as on the Android version of GOM Audio. But here I will focus on its Windows PC version.

Music Player Which Shows Lyrics With the Song:

GOM Audio player is just like any other music player that you have ever used. The look and the set of controls it has are very much similar and easy to understand. You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and play them in a queue. If you want, then you can save your playlist to a file and later open it back.

Download GOM Audio from its official site and then install it. Now, after successful installation, play any song you like in it and then it will show you the corresponding lyrics in synced manner. In case, it doesn’t show the lyrics panel, simply press “Alt+F9” key.

GOM audio sync lyrics

If you don’t like the look and feel of the lyrics window, then GOM Audio lets you customize it. You can easily change the color, opacity, lyrics font, size, etc. pretty easily. To do that, open the preferences by clicking on the gear icon from the player and then go to lyric settings. You will find all the settings related settings to lyrics window there.

gom audio lyrics preferences

So, that’s how you can use GOM Audio which is a very nice music player which shows lyrics.


I like reading lyrics while listening songs, so I usually listen to a song on PC and then see its lyrics in the browser. But then GOM Audio came and remove the trouble of managing audio player browser separately. I really like this music player for its simplicity and awesome features. So, if you want a music player which shows lyrics in synced manner, then get u and download GOM Audio now.

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