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10 Best Telegram Tricks To Become A Pro Telegram User

This is the list of some of the coolest Telegram tricks like secret chat, emoji shortcut, etc. which you can perform using the Telegram Messenger app.



You might be aware of the fact that “Telegram Messenger” is one of the fastest instant messengers available which you can use for free. Apart from texting with your friends, family, and close ones, it also lets you do amazing things such as Secret Chat, create Super Groups, Self-Destructing Messages and more. If you love using this app and want to dig something more about it, then you definitely need to know these 10 amazing and coolest Telegram tricks to get the most out of the app.

telegram tricks
Let us go through some of the coolest features & tricks which you can perform using the Telegram Messenger app.

#1 Secret Chat

Sometimes, you might wonder that is anyone out there over the web, who can read or have access to your private chats. If the answer is yes, then here comes an amazing feature and trick of this app called Secret Chat, which ensures that all your chats are secured. To start a new Secret Chat, tap the “New Message” icon at the top of the Chats tab and select “New Secret Chat” option. As soon as you start a secret chat session, you can have a private chat with anyone you want without worrying about the conversations privacy. The messages sent or received via Secret Chat are never stored on the cloud server of this app, in order to keep them as secured as possible. The Secret Chat uses end-to-end encryption, and the messages can only be read by you and the other person with whom you’re texting. Whatever text, files, videos, and photos you share in a secret chat session can’t be forwarded to others.

#2 Self-Destruct Timer

Self-Destruct Timer can only be used within the Secret Chat sessions. While you’re texting via Secret Chat, simply tap the timer icon in the input bar (on iPhone, on other devices it might vary) to set a custom self-destruction time. You can set the time period for 1 sec – 30 secs, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, and even for a week. After that, whatever you share like photos, text, and more with the recipients, will get self-destruct (from both devices) and disappear when the assigned time period runs out. Another cool feature is that the app notifies both the devices, when a screenshot is taken of any self-destructing message. Sound interesting, isn’t it.

#3 Find Users by Usernames

Another great trick is that you can chat with anyone, if you don’t even has his phone number. You can find any user by simply typing his username. No more saving tons of phone numbers, in order to chat with others via instant messengers. Creating username is not compulsory, but still if you create one then anyone can find you by your username. When you find someone by his username and start a chat, then the phone numbers of both the devices are not visible to each other. Pretty cool, isn’t it. To find any user by his username, all you have to do is tap the “New Message” icon and type the name. The app suggests all the usernames related to the keyword which you’ve written.

#4 Supergroups of 1000 Members

Supergroup means a group where you can add up to 1000 members. As you might know, that almost every instant messenger allows you create a group with a maximum of 200 members. But, Telegram Messenger lets you upgrade your group into a Supergroup by adding 1000 members. No more worries about creating multiple groups for your vast community, as you can create a supergroup and add a huge number of members. For this, tap the “New Message” icon and select the option “New Group”. When your supergroup is ready, you can start adding members instantly. You can assign any member as an admin, or you can keep the supergroup admin advantages to yourself. The members can be added via usernames, contacts, or by sending invitation URLs.

#5 Set Passcode to Access the Chats

Did you know that Telegram Messenger has its own passcode lock. You can now lock all your chats with a passcode, without even using any third-party app. To do this, simply go to the app Settings > Privacy & Security and select the Passcode Lock option. You can either set a simple passcode (a 4 digit number) or a complex one by disabling the simple one. On the Chats tab, you will see a “Lock” icon at the top, which can be used to either enable or disable the app passcode lock.

#6 Share Large files

Unlike other messengers, you can send photos and videos with no limitation on quality, size, and quantity. In addition to that, you can also send large files such as MP3, DOC, PPT, PDF, ZIP, and more, with a maximum size of 1.5 GB per file. Amazing, isn’t it. If you don’t want the shared files to eat up your phone storage, then you can just sync them into the cloud server of the app. To share files, tap the “Attachment” icon adjacent to the input field and select the particular file option, which you want to share. You can import files either from your phone storage or iCloud Drive (on iPhone).

#7 Emoji Shortcuts for Stickers

A fun trick of Telegram Messenger app, you might not know is the emoji shortcuts for stickers. Actually, some of the emojis are linked to specific stickers as shortcuts. The catch is, all the emojis are not linked with stickers. There are few emojis which can be used to send stickers. When you select an emoji, a preview of linked stickers appears. You can either send the emoji or the stickers if you want. While you’re on the emoji section of the keyboard, keep tapping on emojis to find out which emoji is linked to stickers.

#8 Photo Preview and Editing

This trick is my favorite one among all. If you want to send photos, then without opening the entire photo gallery, you can preview all your photos within the messenger itself. It lets you select as many photos as you want at once to share. Apart from that, it also lets you add a caption, crop photos, and edit the photos before sharing. The photo editor lets you adjust the Enhance, Exposure, Contrast, Warmth, Saturation, Tint, Fade, and more of a photo.

#9 Create Public and Private Channels

Similar to WhatsApp broadcasting feature, Telegram also lets you share any messages or files with a huge audience with its Channel feature. You can create a public or private channel in no time, and it can have unlimited members. To create a new channel, tap the “New Message” icon and choose the option “New Channel”. Give the channel a name, add a profile photo, add a description, and set it either as public or private. Public channels are visible to any Telegram user and can be joined also, but in the private channel, you need to invite someone to join using a unique URL generated automatically.

#10 Share Links for Profile and Channels

If you don’t want to trouble others for saving your phone number, or finding you by your username in order to have a chat, then you can try this si simple & unique trick. You can share the link with others along with your username (eg., such that each time a Telegram user clicks that link a chat session will directly open up with you. It also goes for your channels, you can invite others to join your channels by sharing the link (eg. When someone clicks the link, he or she will be able to join your channel instantly.


This is a curated list of some amazing, coolest, and interesting tricks and features of Telegram Messenger. Personally, I think the messenger is quite unique, as it is not limited to texting or sharing photos and videos. You can also do some cool stuff like a secret chat, create channels, set a passcode, and much more. One of the best tricks and my favorite is the Photo Preview and Editing, as it allows us to preview and edit photos within the app. Hope you like the tricks.

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