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Set Video Wallpaper on Windows Desktop from Any Video, GIF

Ever wanted to set a live wallpaper on desktop, but didn’t find any free tool? Then use the software discussed here to set video wallpaper using any video.



Desktop customization is one of the best tweaks that a lot of Windows users like. And one of those is setting different wallpapers in different styles on your desktop. So, if you are one of those who often searches for a new way to make your desktop look cool, then today I will tell you about how to set a video wallpaper on your Windows desktop. To do this, I will discuss a free tool, calls itself AnimaPaper.  The software will let you set a live wallpaper on your desktop from any video or a GIF. You can even opt to play the audio from the video file. And you can make it run it Windows startup.

AnimaPaper is a very tiny tool which lets you set any video as desktop wallpaper. And the best part is you can have a live wallpaper on your desktop from any kind of video as it supports a large number of audio formats. So, if you have a set of nice video clips on your PC and you wanted to set them as your desktop wallpaper, then AnimaPaper is the answer you are looking for. In the following text, I will explain the whole process of setting a live wallpaper using AnimaPaper.

How to set a Live Video Wallpaper on your Windows Desktop?

AnimaPaper is the open source software too and you can easily set MP4, MPG, MKV movie, 3GP, FLV like videos as desktop wallpaper. Also, if you have downloaded some GIFs from popular websites like in Giphy or Imgur, then you will be able to set them as desktop wallpaper in a single click.

Using AnimaPaper to set video wallpaper is as simple as it sounds. After you download it from GitHub, you can directly run it. As it comes as a portable software so doesn’t modify system or registry settings. After running the software, click on Load File. An Open dialog will now appear.

animapaper choose video

Choose the video you want to set as live desktop wallpaper. After you have chosen the video or GIF, then you can click on Play button from the left side. It will instantly set the video wallpaper and the video runs hassle free on your desktop.

animapaper video wallpaper

That’s how you can easily set a video wallpaper on your Windows desktop. If you were thinking that it is too difficult to set a live wallpaper using a video or GIF, then you can drop this thought of yours. Because AnimaPaper is the one-click solution for setting any video, GIF as desktop wallpaper.

Bottom Line:

I thought that setting a video wallpaper on the desktop is a whole different ball game. And then I came across AnimaPaper which what it said and was able to set any video as wallpaper on my desktop PC. If you are a desktop customization lover then, get up and download AnimaPaper and set a video wallpaper to impress your friends.

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