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How To Block Fingerprinting And Other Scripts In Chrome Browser

How To Block Fingerprinting And Other Scripts In Chrome Browser feat

In today’s World with new growing internet technologies, there is this fingerprinting technique is going on the top to identify users based on their internet activities. And these fingerprinting scripts are being executed on various websites to track you down. You don’t know what’s running under the hood when you are browsing, but believe me, there’s so much is going around. And that’s why today I will tell you about how to block fingerprinting and other scripts in Chrome browser. To achieve this, I will introduce you a very powerful Chrome extension, calls itself ScriptSafe.

How To Block Fingerprinting And Other Scripts In Chrome Browser

ScriptSafe is a unique piece of extensions which is capable enough to detect and block fingerprinting scripts. And it is not only limited to block fingerprinting scripts, but it can also block other types of scripts. It allows you to block various other scripts which are embedded inside <script>, <link>, <style>, <object>, <embed>, <noscript>, like tags. You can easily block these tags and get yourself protected from various vulnerabilities. Using this extension, you can block fingerprinting scripts and keep your privacy safe online.

Block Fingerprinting and Other Scripts in Chrome Browser:

ScriptSafe is a very easy to use extension that automatically detects various scripts on a page that you visit. It then changes the color of its icon and when you click on it, it shows the details about those scripts. After that, you can opt to allow or block them.

Using ScriptSafe Chrome browser extension provides a very user-friendly interface to its users. And after adding it to your browser after downloading it from Chrome’s store you can start using it.

After you have added ScriptSafe extension to Chrome, you will see its icon. And when you visit some site which is running some scripts on its page, then its icon will turn red. And clicking on it will show you the details about the scripts that it has detected.

scriptsafe detection

ScriptSafe extension is customizable one and you can easily customize the detection behaviors of this extension quite easily. You can customize which tags to detect & block individually. So, click on the icon of ScriptSafe and then click options. You will be redirected to the interface of the extension where you can customize the list of HTML tags to be detected.

scriptsafe blocking options

So, this is how you can block fingerprinting and other scripts in Chrome browser.

Wrap Up

If you are more concerned about your privacy, then you can try the extension that I have explained. You can easily make yourself untraceable and feel more secure while surfing the internet. So, get up and pull ScriptSafe and add it to Chrome. It’s really a very nice piece of works that saves your privacy being compromised.

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