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3 Free Tools to Root Your Android Phone

There are many single tick root strategies accessible to experiment with, utilizing which you can undoubtedly get root access on your gadget effortlessly.



Most Android clients are acquainted with “rooting” a gadget and its various advantages however not everybody needs to take the dive. Also, that is a result of two noteworthy reasons. Firstly, the vast majority of the rooting techniques oblige you to open the bootloader, which voids the gadget’s guarantee and that is the thing that makes individuals fearful about rooting. Furthermore, the rooting procedure can get excessively confused on occasion and if things turn out badly, your gadget is on a par with a paper weight.

The greater part of the times, one opens the bootloader of a gadget while rooting in light of the way that he/she needs to introduce a custom recovery, which is compulsory for glimmering custom ROMs on a gadget. In any case, in the event that you simply need root access on the phone and need to utilize it with the stock ROM, there may be a chance that you can do that without experiencing all that inconvenience.

There are numerous a single tick root strategies accessible to experiment with, utilizing which you can undoubtedly get root access on your gadget effortlessly. These strategies don’t require opening the bootloader and the rooting procedure can be turned around, which makes them totally safe to attempt. So in the event that you need to attempt, here are the main 3 tools to look at:

Cautioning: These apps are anything but difficult to utilize and don’t hurt the gadget, however to make sure we are in agreement, I might want to caution you that if things turn out badly, you may even wind up bricking your gadget. In any case, the likelihood of that occurrence is insignificant. Likewise, these applications have blended surveys with regards to security and protection, in this manner you should do a little research before you pick in.



KingRoot is one of the best applications to attempt and pick up root access on your Android gadget. The application functions as a standalone application on your Android gadget and you don’t require a PC for the application to work. KingRoot always starts things out in my rundown of applications on the off chance that I need to pick up root get to and that is primarily due to its convenience. You download the APK file on your gadget, install it and after that run the root module.

In the event that you are fortunate, the application will discover the endeavor and root your gadget, after which it will be rebooted. On the off chance that the endeavor is unsuccessful, it will take up your solicitation and submit it to the group individuals to discover the root access. The application accompanies an inherent root approval application and you won’t require different applications like SU or Super User (unless you are getting issues with applications like Titanium Backup). The procedure is totally reversible and once you expel root get to and reboot your gadget, it will resemble your gadget was never established in any case.

Kingo Root

kingo root

Kingo Root is the second application you can attempt to gain a single tick root access on your Android phone. The tool is accessible as a standalone application for Android, much the same as the KingRoot application and it brings about the ideal result. The achievement proportion of the standalone Android application isn’t that great and that is the point at which the desktop applications come in the photo.

The application is accessible for Windows, so you have to introduce it on your PC first. Likewise, you will need to empower USB debugging (Settings→Developer Options) on your Android gadget. At that point, you will need to associate the phone to PC utilizing a USB cable and execute the root cmd. The device will utilize online assets to download endeavors and attempt to apply them on the phone.

The technique is not reversible however and you will need to restore your device to factory settings keeping in mind the end goal to un-root the gadget. Kingo Root works fine yet now and again it may be unsuccessful relying upon different components like gadget equipment, Android programming variant, and your maker.



The third app that you can attempt to get root access is OneClickRoot. The best part about this tool is that you can check online if your gadget is root-good or not, before you download the application on your PC.

On the off chance that your gadget is good, simply download the tool and snap on the root catch. As basic as that. The premium component of the apparatus helps you with live talk bolster however it’s truly costly. Notwithstanding, out of all the apps specified over, this one is exceedingly prescribed by XDA and has a decent notoriety.


Despite the fact that we have secured three applications which you can attempt, there is dependably a touch of vulnerability with regards to rooting a gadget. In the event that you can get root access on your Android gadget with any of the previously stated tools, bear in mind to give me a Hi5. In any case, if things don’t work out, simply sit tight for the engineers to figure out how to get the endeavor on your phone.

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