5 Free Android Recycle Bin Apps to Recover Erased Data

We have all had it happen that we incidentally erase our precious files from our phone, and afterward, we don’t do anything than misgiving. In case you’re an Android user, then you’re in fortunes as there are a few recycle bin applications for Android which give you a chance to recoup erased files from Android, as you ordinarily do with Recycle Bin on your PC.

This is a curated rundown of 5 best and amazing Recycle Bin apps for Android. These applications work like center Recycle Bin software, and naturally get all erased files from Android, which you can later recover effortlessly. Not any more stressing over your photographs, docs, recordings, and more which you may erase incidentally on your Android phone.

Let us go through these applications to perceive how they can help you recover your erased files.

GT Trash:


GT Trash is a free and capable junk or Recycle bin application for Android. Utilizing this application, you can get back all your unintentionally erased files. It consequently hunts down erased records on your Android phone and makes them noticeable in the application’s fundamental screen. Later, you can basically open the application and recoup any of these files you need. It gets erased files like sound, pictures, uninstalled applications, docs, video recordings, contacts, SMS, ZIP, and significantly more.

It additionally gives you a chance to sort the waste by files kind, sort them by time/size/name, and eradicate all the erased records with a solitary tap. It also gives you a chance to review files before recouping or deleting them. It additionally accompanies a one of a kind element which identifies files which were erased even before downloading this application.



Dumpster is certainly one of the best Recycle Bin applications for Android. It works like the recycle bin on your portable workstation or desktop PC. It permits you to recoup or restore different file sorts like video recordings, pictures, music records, uninstalled applications, PPT, PDF, TXT, RAR, and all other generally utilized files, which are erased from your Android phone. You don’t need to much of the time backup your files any longer, as this application backs you up in the event that you erase some files inadvertently.

It doesn’t require anything to set physically to create a backup of erased data, which implies you should simply open the application for once and you’re finished. It will consequently begin distinguishing erased data on your phone. You can likewise see video recordings, pictures, and sound files before recovering them, with only a tap. One of the best components of Dumpster is that you can plan programmed erasure of older junk or erased records in the time interval of 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months.

Recycle Bin:

recycle bin

Recycle Bin is another valuable recycle bin application for Android which fills in as it name says and monitors your erased files. It underpins all the file explorers, for example, ES File Explore, Neptune, Tomi File Explorer, and so on. The erased files from your phone can be moved to this application in two distinctive ways. You can choose a file which you need to erase, then tap the share button and pick “Recycle Bin”. The file will be erased and moved straightforwardly to the recycle bin or trash.

In the other way, you have to open the application and go to the application settings. At that point tap the “Include Folders” option to pick the folders from which you need this application to get erased files consequently. You can likewise arrange the file types for fetching records, for example, pictures, video recordings, sound, archives, and so forth. In the event that you need to recuperate or eradicate the erased records for all time, then launch the application to choose files and pick the choices as “Erase” or “Restore”.

Delete Media Recovery:

delete media recovery

The next application in my rundown is “Delete Media Recovery” which is likewise a really cool application for Android. Ever needed to get back an imperative file which you have erased by slip-up from your phone, then this free Android application acts the hero. It filters for different file sorts erased from your phone, for example, JAR, MKV, SXI, GIF, DOCX, AVI,MP4, SXW, SXC, SXD, MP4A, ODS, ODT, ZIP, MNG, EPUB, ODP, JPEG/JPG, AMR, PDF, JNG, PPTX, PNG, ODG, FLAC, OGM, BMP, WAV, XLSX, APK, MP3, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

All the erased files will be recorded in tabs like the videos, music, gallery, and files on the principle screen. You can just choose a file or different files without a moment’s delay and hit the “Recover” button to recover the files in the application’s default folder. The best part is that separated from bringing your erased pictures, videos, applications, and archives, it additionally moves down your SMS and contacts.

ES File Explorer:

recycle bin apps

ES File Explorer is not a center recycle bin application for Android, be that as it may, it accompanies an extra feature called “Recycle Bin”. The catch is that it just identifies files which you erase utilizing the ES File Explorer. To utilize this component, you should simply tap the sandwich icon at the top and hit the “Recycle Bin” option.

Once the option is enabled, whatever records like pictures, sound records, videos, archives, zip, and so forth you erase inside the application, will straightforwardly move to the recycle bin section. You can get to the recycle bin section from the “tools” option of ES File Explorer. Basically, go to the recycle bin to skim the erased files, and you can likewise recover them from that point right away.


These applications help you monitor your erased files furthermore permits you to recoup or recover files which were erased by slip-up. The working is entirely like the Trash Can of MAC and Recycle Bin of Windows PC. Utilizing these applications, you can now have your own particular Trash Can for your Android phone. These applications keep tracks of files like pictures, videos, sound, archives, and the sky is the limit from there.