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How to Manage Duplicate Files in Mac OS

In this post, you will learn about two ways through which you can delete duplicate files on Mac, which are manually and using a software.



In this post, we will talk about how to manage duplicate files in Mac OS. Whether we use our laptops for work or personal use, storage getting full is common. A clearing session to remove cache is required to free up space. But sometimes clearing cache still doesn’t free up space. In such a situation, we have to deal with replica files. Our machines are usually overloaded with duplicate files. They eat up disk-space, which why it is crucial to delete them.

How do we get duplicate files, you may ask? Well, when we download or copy our favorite music, video or image we unintentionally create duplicate files. These duplicated files make our Mac OS boot slowly, and every software takes a lot of time to open. Also, the system hangs and working on such a system is not possible.

Thus, it is better to remove them. Now, there are two ways through which we can delete duplicate files on Mac. One is by manually finding and removing them and secondly using the software Duplicate File Fixer for the same.

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Let’s learn about these two methods in-depth.

How to Manually Find and Delete Duplicate Files:

When you find and delete similar files manually it becomes a bit tedious and time-consuming. But still, if you want to clean your Mac yourself, follow these steps:

Sort the files using the Smart Folders in the Finder.

  1. Go and open the Finder window.
  2. Then, go to Apple Menu, click on files and then choose New Smart Folder.
  3. Tap on the Plus button which in the top right corner. After that select Search parameters. This includes Kind, Date, Name, File type and others.

When you will click on others, it will help you to find more parameter. This will help you in searching and sorting files.

For example, for searching and removing images, give the extension and the size file and all will come. This well you to find duplicate images and delete it.

This is how you find and remove duplicate files manually in Mac OS.

Well, this will definitely help but not enough. Also, it is way too time-consuming. Especially, when there is a better way for your Mac to be free of duplicate files. Just use the Duplicate Files Fixer software.

How to Delete Files Using Duplicate Files Fixer Software:

Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple tool that is designed to find and delete replica files. It is a very effective tool which gets rid of our similar files in no time. It has a scanning feature that scans the audio, video, document and images and so on.

Step 1: First, download and set up the software on your Mac.

Step 2: Now, add the folders and fields which you want to scan.

Step 3: After that, click the Scan button so that the process can begin.

Step 4: A list will come, review the duplicate files on your Mac.

Step 5: Auto-select the duplicate files.

Step 6: Confirm that you want to delete the files and yay! You are done.

Why Use Duplicate Files Fixer?

There is numerous software available in the market which finds and deletes similar images. Then what makes Duplicate File Fixer best?

Well, here is the answer-

It identifies the duplicate files accurately:

This software is extremely user-friendly. It accurately finds all formats of duplicate files. Images, text, video, and audio everything is supported by Duplicate Files Fixer.

It creates an easy backup:

Sometimes you may accidentally delete an important field. This software creates a backup of every file, so it is easy for you to retrieve it.

Folders exclusion supported:

You might not want to include all your folders for scanning. Duplicate file fixer software helps you to exclude the folders or files that are not required for scanning.

Provides accurate results quickly:

It doesn’t matter how many volumes of data you have. This tool will easily sort the files and provide accurate scanning details quickly.

Criteria for scanning can be set:

You can set criteria for the software to scan the files. This will give a more comprehensive start for scanning and sorting the files.


These were the two ways which will help you in finding and deleting duplicate files on your Mac. They make it very easy for you to manage duplicate files in Mac OS. Use the duplicate file fixer software for better result and time-saving. It is even available for Windows and Android.

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